sentenced to 6 years for sexual assault

He met her in one lecture in the Appio Latino neighborhood: she is a young customer, he is the owner. And he began to court her. Too bad that he, at the time, was already 47 years old and she was only 14. A romantic relationship began between the two that lasted more than two […]

Will Jose Mourinho’s third season curse strike again at Roma? The Special One’s side have been bereft of both structure and fitness in a miserable start to Serie A

Jose Mourinho has previously struggled in his third season at former clubsRoma are in bottom three in Serie A after earning one point in three matchesListen to the latest episode of Mail Sport’s podcast It’s All Kicking Off! Jose Mourinho’s Roma have endured a miserable start to the Serie A season, with the Giallorossi occupying […]

Meningitis mistaken for headache, doctors under investigation in Rome – News

Two medical errors that cost the life of a 27-year-old girl in Rome. Two erroneous diagnoses made in the Emergency Department of hospitals in the Capital: a serious form of meningitis mistaken for headache and lumbosciatica. This is what emerges from the medico-legal advice ordered by the Public Prosecutor’s Office in the context of the […]

The way Prigozhin was eliminated is similar to Hitler’s elimination of the head of the SA Roma stormtroopers. Commentary by expert Vadim Dubnov

– “Wagner” and Prigozhin were always different. Prigozhin was an independent political figure, and “Wagner” in himself was instrumental and secondary. And if they eliminated Prigozhin, they eliminated precisely as Prigozhin, and not as the head of “Wagner”. If you look for analogies, it is very similar to the story of the Roma stormtroopers, with […]

Transfer Market News: Thierry Henry Appointed Coach of France U21 and Olympic Teams

n”,”postId”:”7c6f3539-9b67-48ca-91cc-f127a535b7eb”}],”posts”:[{“timestamp”:”2023-08-21T21:30:00.803Z”,”timestampUtcIt”:”2023-08-21T23:30:00+0200″,”altBackground”:false,”title”:”Francia, Thierry Henry è il nuovo allenatore delle squadre U21 e olimpiche”,”content”:” L’ex attaccante dell’Arsenal è stato nominato allenatore delle squadre U21 e olimpiche della Francia, secondo una fonte vicina alle trattative. Succede a Sylvain Ripoll e la sua scelta è stata approvata all’unanimità dal Comitato esecutivo della Federcalcio francese. “,”postId”:”95f22b21-e9e2-41c6-b4fb-efd05c85dc8e”},{“timestamp”:”2023-08-21T21:21:18.365Z”,”timestampUtcIt”:”2023-08-21T23:21:18+0200″,”altBackground”:false,”title”:”Napoli, frenata nella trattativa Gabri […]

Napoli, Juventus, Inter, and AC Milan Battle for the Serie A Title

By Le Figaro with AFP Posted yesterday at 12:45, Updated yesterday at 12:46 The joy of the Neapolitans after their title last season CIRO DE LUCA / REUTERS Three months after ending 33 years of waiting, Naples is still in 7th heaven, but Juventus, Inter and AC Milan want to bring the champion back to […]

The Prophecies of Saint Malachy: The Last Pope and the End of the World

Saint Malachy of Armagh was a renowned Catholic archbishop who was born in this Irish city in 1094 and whose name has transcended thanks to two famous prophecies: the famous prophecy of the 112 Papas (launched in 1595, just a few years after the publication of the book of The Nostradamus Prophecies) and another related […]

Mourinho Targets World Cup Player to Reinforce Roma’s Midfield

A league The Roma coach wants to reinforce the midfield with a World Cup player. By Felipe Pavez Farías 01/07/2023 – 00:59hs UTC © ImagoDespite not wanting it, now Mourinho will seek to hire Fred The pass market keeps moving and now José Mourinho He is the one who takes action on the matter. This […]

Ivan, 27, is a fitness instructor in Bristol

His name is Ivan Dimitrov, he is 27 years old and lives in Bristol, England. The vandal tourist of the Colosseum, who last June 23 engraved his name and that of his fiancée (“Ivan + Hayley” with the date 6/23/2023) on the ancient wall of the first level of the Flavian Amphitheater, has been identified. […]