To walk? Here are the exercises to do it right. Starting with the feet

WALKING is good for your health and is part of the advice that all doctors give, considering walking a real therapy. At least thirty minutes a day, at a not too slow pace. But there is a big difference between walking on the street or in the event and doing it on unstable ground, like […]

Exercise is the first weapon against high blood pressure and cholesterol

Doctors should encourage healthy adults with slightly elevated blood pressure or cholesterol to lead a less sedentary lifestyle and move more, with the goal of improving heart health. This is suggested by a new study, released by the American Heart Association (AHA) and published in the scientific journal “Hypertension”, which encourages doctors to actually “prescribe” […]

The most recommended books to lose weight and keep fit

The good weather arrives and with it many people want give a change to your physical form and aspects related to it such as food and sports. This what many call ‘bikini operation’ is something that would really be ideal to keep at any time of the year and make a healthy way of life […]

If you exercise it is very important that you check your heart

José Antonio De La Chica, a specialist in Cardiac Imaging, highlights that “vigorous physical exercise maintained throughout the months causes adaptive changes in the heart.” MEXICO CITY. Dr. José Antonio De La Chica, specialist in Cardiac Imaging of the Cardiology Service of the Hospital Quirónsalud Málaga, has highlighted that cardiovascular examination in amateur athletes is […]

this is the time of day when you should exercise to prevent risk

Related news Cancer is one of the most devastating diseases that exist in Spain and in the rest of the countries of the world. Even though they know each other multiple originsIt is known that some of them include circadian alteration, a misalignment of environmental signals (exposure to light, food intake, physical movement) with the […]

Is physical exercise recommended for cancer patients?

We all know that practicing sports on a regular basis is, along with balanced nutrition and avoiding toxic habits such as smoking or the consumption of alcohol and other substances that are harmful to our body, one of the fundamental pillars to enjoy good health. Thus, we can affirm that sport is beneficial for both […]

Exercise counteracts glaucoma. Or limit the damage

It is the second leading cause of blindness in the Western world, but one in two patients does not know they are: often glaucoma remains undiagnosed for a long time, so in the meantime the ocular damage progresses and over the years one in five cases leads to the loss of view. There is no […]

Exercises to burn abdominal fat from home in just ten minutes

You are probably reading these lines because you ‘gordominal’ it is growing exponentially and you want to remedy it. The extension of your midsection may be due to of the reasons. One of them, although it sounds cliché, is the aging. As we add years there is a lost of muscle mass, a series of […]

Physical exercise with the rope helps you lose weight

With the closed gyms and the number of infected por covid-19 on the rise, mens and women They have turned to simple implements to keep fit inside the house. In that list is the rope The rope, for its multiple Benefits. Also because it is easy to save and it is relatively economic. Drinking Spinoza, […]

Physical exercise, on the student agenda

LAURA SÁNCHEZ THE COUNTRY | MANIZALES In quarantine the exercise has helped pass the days of the students in the country. They are motivated to help mental health, have better physical conditions and unite families. The Physical Education teacher at La Sagrada Familia school, Harold León Gil, explains that it is important to promote physical […]