Airlines reactivate their operations with between 10% and 30% of their capacity

August 30, 2020 – 11:30 pm 2020-08-30 By: Newsroom of El País After five months without activity, tomorrow the commercial air operation in the country will be reactivated with the opening of 14 terminals. Industry insiders point out that airlines will start with the use of between 10% and 30% of their capacity, while the […]

Britt Dekker found Talpa ‘terrible company’

Anyone who knows Britt Dekker a little knows that the 28-year-old presenter does not mince words. She is even negative about employer Talpa. At least, about her negative feelings before she started working there and got a horse from John de Mol … ‘Scary company with scary people’ Make two more programs for Talpa, and […]

“The Government supports the Barranquilla proposal for now”: Ernesto Lucena

It has been one of the protagonists in the era of the pandemic. Ernesto Lucena, Minister of Sports, has figured quite a bit in the midst of the bickering around the biosafety protocol and the entire process of restarting Colombian professional football. In dialogue with EL HERALDO, the minister referred to the burning issues of […]

Housekeeper Nadège can be seen in new Meuse season | NOW

Housekeeper Nadège Coffinet can be seen in the new season of Chateau Meiland. Tuesday evening it was announced that the Meiland family will return on SBS6 on August 31. Despite the quarrel between Coffinet and the Meiland family, the housekeeper can still be seen in the fourth season. For example, the Meilandjes will help her […]

Who will be the first vaccinated against COVID-19?

The director of Medicines and Technologies of the Ministry of Health, Leonardo Arregocés, confirmed that according to the suggestions of the World Health Organization, in Colombia about 10 million people would be vaccinated against the coronavirus the first year. “The groups prioritized to receive the vaccine first are health personnel who are at greater risk […]

They develop technology to find more efficient stem cells in medicine

An international team of scientists has discovered a new “fast and simple” technology that enables more efficient stem cells to be obtained for regenerative medicine, a technique that would be applicable in diseases in which cell loss or degeneration is suffered. By introducing a molecule (the microRNA 203), the new protocol boosts, both in a […]

Golden Gate receives its first patients this Wednesday

As of this Wednesday, the Puerta de Oro Events Center will become the Early Care Center for patients with COVID-19 in the Barranquilla District. In this space, as explained by the Mayor of Barranquilla, patients with mild or moderate symptoms and who are unable to be in their homes during the incubation period of the […]

Decrease in the number of Venezuelans living in Colombia

For the second consecutive month, the number of Venezuelan citizens living in Colombia decreased, compared to the previous month. This was announced by Juan Francisco Espinosa Palacios, general director of Migration Colombia. Through a statement, the official indicated that as of April 30, 2020, the number of Venezuelans living in Colombia would be 1,780,380, one […]

“In Barranquilla the networks made believe that the virus did not exist”

In the framework of the accountability of the Ministry of Health and before the question of EL HERALDO about the attention of the coronavirus pandemic in Barranquilla and Atlántico, which are among the territorial entities with the highest infections, the Vice Minister of Health, Luis Alexander Moscoso , warned this Tuesday that work is carried […]

Isolation and its impact on mental well-being

Going from active daily routines to repetitive days for a long time is affecting body and mind. The confinement, according to the psychologist Álvaro Martínez, is unleashing mental health problems in many people. Those who were used to going out to the office every day, then having lunch at the usual restaurant, meeting friends at […]