Indigenous Sound Art Festival 2023: Celebrating Native Peoples’ Musical Heritage

In order to make visible, strengthen and strengthen ties between the musical people of the Native Peoples of Argentine territory and in response to the need to promote and disseminate the National Musical Heritage, the Indigenous Sound Art Festivalthe days October 7 and 8 of 2023, in the city of Posadas, Misiones. This meeting will […]

Flash flood in Lao Cai: Found a body in the Nam Sai hydropower reservoir

Tube flood occurred in the stream area of ​​Lien Minh commune, Sa Pa town. (Photo: VNA broadcast) On the evening of September 25, the Office of the Steering Committee for Natural Disaster Prevention and Search and Rescue of Lao Cai province announced that the authorities had found another body of a victim who died due […]

Helicopter crash in Turkey: Body of second missing Kyrgyzstani found

The body of the second missing Kyrgyzstani, who died in a helicopter crash while putting out a fire, has been found in Turkey. The press service of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs reported this on September 18. According to the ministry, the issue of sending the bodies of the dead pilots to Kyrgyzstan is now […]

Photographic exhibition «Crossing borders: transformation, body and territory on Cerro Quilish» at CC de España in Lima

In the words of the collective, they took on this project from a perspective “concerned with capturing the subtleties contained in social processes,” moving away from “reproducing essentialist views on farmers and rural territories, returning a sense of agency and capacity for action to people.” ”. In September 2004, a massive mobilization of Quechua-speaking peasants […]

Guidelines to reduce the impact of frost on vineyards and vines

When the temperature of the air mass closest to the ground is equal to or less than zero, a frost is recorded, which can cause partial or total damage to crops. In this sense, both spring and autumn frosts affect crops in different ways: in fruit trees, damage occurs to the flowers and newly formed […]

Albertina Vienna: Images of men: washboard stomachs are old-fashioned

Michelangelo dissected corpses because he wanted to portray bodies as naturally as possible. In doing so, he creates an image of men that still has questionable consequences today. If you were to ask around in the gym why biceps, triceps and six-packs are trained so diligently, some people would probably say: Because today’s man has […]