Arson of the Ciracas Police, Prada MI Threatened by the ITE Law – Central Commander Police Military (Danpuspom) Major General TNI Eddy Rate Muis said that until now his party together with the Police are still investigating the case of vandalism and arson at the Ciracas Police Headquarters. Jakarta East. “The masses came into the courtyard of damaged buildings, official and private vehicles parked at the […]

Juan Manuel de Prada: Passion of Caiaphas

Juan Manuel de PradaFOLLOW Updated:04/10/2020 23:30 save Pale and trembling, half a dozen Levites entered my chambers to announce to me: «High priest Caiaphas! The veil of the temple has been torn, coinciding with the death of that Nazarene! ». But I was already prepared for something like this to happen, and I barely sketched […]