Boutiques in Paris change hands, billionaire Bakala has sold his business

The new owner of Luxury Brand Management (LBM) will be SEH Private Equity, a joint-stock company representing the Hes brothers. The contract of sale between the seller Bakala and the buyer was signed on 31 August. The transaction will be settled in the coming weeks. Both parties have agreed not to disclose details of the […]

Possible “patient zero” of bubonic plague is identified by scientists

Scientists have identified a man who could be “patient zero” of the plague that caused bubonic plague in the Middle Ages. The research was published in the scientific journal Cell Reports and released on Tuesday (June 29, 2021) by BBC. The man died more than 5,000 years ago in what is now Latvia and was […]

Tatra, LIAZ, IFA and Rába. The iconic trucks that crisscrossed socialist paths

Socialist trucks, it was not just Kamazy and other models from the Soviet Union. Vehicles for the transport of heavy and bulky cargo were also produced by other brands from countries in the socialist bloc. Among them, for example, Tatra, LIAZ, IFA or Csepel. Remember the often forgotten trucks in the following gallery. A cross-section […]