The rise of the Euribor stops the mortgage firm in Cantabria

At the same time, the average amount of the loans has risen and is now above 112,000 euros The year began with some joy in the mortgage sector and loan contracting figures not seen for more than a decade were reached. However, economic uncertainty, coupled with rising interest rates, has meant that enthusiasm has faded. […]

Is it mandatory to take out insurance with your mortgage?

Resource photo of a hand holding euro bills, a toy house and some keys PHOTOLIA When requesting a mortgage loan, it is common for the bank to propose that you take out life and home insurance, but you must be informed of whether you are obliged to do so and know what options you have

“Now we are not ready to fight for victory” – Marc Márquez

Marc Márquez equaled the best result of the season at Motegi, a fourth place, after starting from the first pole position for around three years. Finally, during the usual press encounter, the driver was asked to explain where the motivation to do everything on the track comes from despite multiple injuries and prolonged downtime. Here […]

Euribor and mortgage date: how it influences

In the middle of the scene rise in the euribor, variable-rate mortgages go up for everyone… but they don’t go up equally for everyone. There are two main factors that will determine the increase in your loanand these are the year of contracting or signing of the mortgage, on one side, and the amount that […]

Riders expect height adjuster to make all the difference at Motegi

For the first time, MotoGP riders will have the opportunity to use the Holeshot device at Motegi, as this type of solutions were not yet implemented in the last edition of the Japanese GP in 2019. And it is expected to that, given the characteristics of the layout, the mechanism has a predominant weight in […]

Video: Marc Márquez’s first crash on his return to MotoGP

Spanish Honda rider Marc Márquez had his first crash on his return to MotoGP. It was an accident that clearly had no consequences for the rider, and he immediately got up to go back to his box to collect his second bike. The pilot had already received a warning during the third practice session, during […]

How to choose the best mortgage for young people?, by Central Hipotecaria

Buying a home is a purpose that many people consider when they are young, however, to achieve this goal it is necessary to have a stable economic situation that allows them to pay for the large expenses that they will have to face. In this sense, mortgages for young people have become a highly demanded […]

Analysts expect real estate prices to fall worldwide from 2023

Construction site of a single family house With real wages falling, many families will soon find it difficult to service their mortgages. (Photo: dpa) Frankfurt In the face of the most aggressive rate hikes in decades, buyers from Sydney to Stockholm to Seattle are retreating from home purchases – and house prices are falling. At […]