Lavender Bath Bomb Kylie by Kylie Jenner

Lavender Bath BombThis bath bomb is formulated with lavender flowers, coconut oil and canola oil. She instantly releases thefresh and relaxing lavender scent and leaves behind lavender flowers and sea salt when dropped in water. “I love the bath bomb because it instantly releases the fresh, relaxing scent of lavender when dropped in the tub.” […]

goodbye to sachets of sugar and bottles of shampoo in the hotel

European restaurants and bars will have to say goodbye to sachets of sugar and sweeteners or containing other types of sauces and condiments. The 50 ml bottles of shampoo and shower gel will disappear from hotels. This is foreseen by the regulation on packaging proposed by the European Commission with the aim of reducing plastic […]

Fun pants provide a big foam party in the center of Hoogeveen

Making fun of each other normally happens on April 1, but in Hoogeveen they started early. A group of pranksters have thrown shampoo or soap into the fountains at the Eiermarkt. As a result, the center turned into a large foam party. AndrĂ© Fieten had to rub his eyes a few times this morning when […]

Placenta treatment for hair loss by ampoule

How to stop hair loss? Discover the incredible properties of Miss Antilles placenta-shock ampoules. These revitalizing ampoules are recommended to fortify your hair tissues. With this placenta-shock treatment, your lengths will be revitalized and your damaged ends will be repaired. This set of 4 fortifying ampoules is applied like a phyto-care. Miss Antilles placenta-shock ampoules […]

Bio 5 Protective Oil against hair loss Laboratoires Science & quilibre

Description Extreme nutrition to the tips and sun protectionBio 5 Protective Oil against hair loss combines 5 organic vegetable oils Safflower, Coconut, Jojoba, Karanja and Mongogo to bring nutrition and suppleness to the hair fiber all year round. Your hair is sublime and easy to style. Lengths and ends will especially appreciate this highly nutritious […]

Pink Towel | Kylie Cosmetics by Kylie Jenner

The My Kylie Baby Bath Towel helps your little one stay comfortably warm and dry after bathing. Made from 100% cotton, this super soft hooded towel envelops your baby in a cloud of delicate softness. Available in pink, blue and white, and featuring my Kylie Baby cloud logo, this towel is perfect for babies and […]