Marie Claire | The pursuit of wellness also ranks high on Pinterest

The pandemic, the quarantine, the economic crisis and the new “normality” they are all topics that occupy the current media agenda. Much of the news and web searches are oriented to these issues and their derivatives. However, the confinement, and the increasingly constant use of electronic devices, also causes the main consultations to pass through […]

7 tips to preserve job well-being

1 | Create a definitive space that surpasses that of your office Having an organized and enjoyable workspace helps maintain a productive, positive and motivated mindset. “Although it is tempting to work from the comfort of your sofa, it is preferable to have a designated workspace as this implies fewer distractions and a better separation […]

Emotional well-being for complete health

One of the psychological concepts most used in recent years is that of emotional well-being. It is a state in which we feel well on a mental and physical level and, which affects the general state of health. This state can be influenced by both positive and negative situations and its stability depends on the […]

Health: Can I use a face shield instead of a mask?

September 01, 2020 – 08:09 Face shields have the added benefit of protecting the eyes and prevent touching the face by acting as a physical barrier. DRAFTING.- Can I use a facial screen instead of a mask? No. Health authorities do not recommend clear plastic shields as a substitute for masks due to a lack […]

The health and well-being of Colombians is everyone’s job | Sponsored Content

In times of COVID-19, guaranteeing everyone’s health is essential to achieve a significant reduction in the numbers of daily infections, however, the mere fact of complying with the biosecurity protocol established by the National Government is not enough, it is important run it using elements that have really been designed to mitigate this virus and […]

The role of the veterinarian is related to human well-being

The veterinarian is a relevant actor in the country, since he is involved in both human health, animal health and environmental health, controlling zoonotic diseases, diseases of small animals and livestock. Population growth and the ever-increasing demand for food make it necessary to deliver healthier, safer and more quality food to the population, where the […]

Technology, engine of well-being and quality of life | Companies | Business

Beyond the daily use of computers, tablets or mobile phones, it is worth analyzing the way in which the use of new technologies has meant a revolution that directly impacts the quality of life of citizens, which has been reflected -for example- in greater opportunities of access to fundamental services such as education and health, […]