The new series from the creators of ‘Dark’: what it is about and when it opens

The strange and mysterious world of ‘Dark’ has caused real madness in different countries of the world, to the point that it became the most watched series of the moment. Dark but compelling, the story of ‘Jonas’ and time travel was a real success with three sensational seasons. Suspense, science fiction, physics and philosophy: all […]

Creators of “Dark” are already working on a new series for Netflix

“Dark” It became a success with the arrival of its third season and final, reaching positive comments from both critics and fans. Right here at RedGol we call it “a conflictive but round ending”. The issue now is: what’s next for its creators? According to released the German site Golden camera, Baran bo Odar and […]

Fame: Dark: who is the real father of Regina Tiedemann in the series

The journey ended. The third and final season of “Dark” is now available on Netflix to fill in the gaps left throughout these years of convoluted secrets, time travel and parallel realities. LOOK: Who is the mysterious man with the scar on his lip in the last season of “Dark”? For the third season of […]