At Invictus Games – Royals probably won’t like Meghan’s sexy dress!

The British royal family probably won’t like this sexy dress! Although Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan have left the royal family, etiquette is fundamentally important. This means: an approachable but reserved demeanor, always a broad smile and chic but reserved clothing. But although Meghan dresses much more casually than Princess Kate, her unusually revealing look […]

Demystifying De-Dollarization: The Dollar Won’t Lose Its Status Anytime Soon

De-dollarization is in fashion. Or at least talk about it. According to research group GlobalData, discussion of de-dollarization on platforms such as Twitter and Reddit increased by 600% in the first quarter, compared to the last three months of 2022. There are two related concepts that you need to keep in mind to avoid confusion. […]

USA: The New York Times won’t pay for the Twitter verification badge

The American newspaper The New York Times refused to pay a monthly fee for a Twitter verification badge. As Reuters reported on Sunday, the “NYT” has already lost such a stamp on this social media platform. It was clarified that according to Twitter’s new policy, verification badges are now only offered through a paid subscription. […]