When footballers are better known in court than on grass

Although fame often seems to leave certain people on another plane, well-applied justice does not discriminate based on status And in football, as in entertainment, many players have found themselves in serious trouble and highly controversial accusations that even end part of their careers. Broken teams, players trapped within their own country and even the […]

Eduardo Núñez Vásquez: a great human being and an excellent lawyer

I.- Moving in the judicial service 1.- Without intending to, any person can testify about facts of which they have had knowledge in the course of their existence, and at a certain moment they serve to take them as a reference to address a subject. 2.-From the first period of my life, in childhood, until […]

“I left what was my home for fifteen years to rent a room in a shared flat”

When coming back from work, Natalia found María de los Ángeles “in slippers, barely wearing a gown, on the street in the middle of February”. She took charge “that she was not astonished” until her daughter, Mayte, arrived, who took her home until she found “a small apartment in the Jesús neighborhood.” Less luck had […]

Poles join strike as protests against abortion ruling expand

WARSAW, Poland (AP) — People across Poland stayed off their jobs and huge crowds poured onto the streets for a seventh straight day of protests Wednesday, enraged over a top court ruling that bans abortions in cases of fetal abnormalities. Tens of thousands of people, gathering in defiance of pandemic restrictions, vented their frustration about […]

Parents of liquidated Jelgava Primary School No. 2 students file a complaint with the ECHR about possible violation of parents’ and children’s rights – Society and politics – News

According to the complainants, “the municipality’s unjustified closure of a school that provided quality education and development for children and forcing parents to seek opportunities for their children to study elsewhere, including in lower quality schools, violated the rights of children and their parents. “. Parents were not given the opportunity to participate in resolving […]