Highlight cleanliness in the capital city

Mr. Principal: I am from the province of Córdoba and I am so happy with my visit to San Juan that I decided to write this short letter in such a prestigious media outlet as DIARIO DE CUYO. The reason is to congratulate the people of San Juan for their beautiful capital city. It is […]

Classic Competition / Zhang Yucheng turned from a “deserter” to a “Minister of Defense”! MLB created new words for him, edited 5 minutes Highlight | Life | CTWANT

Rewrite this content Zhang Yucheng has transformed from a “deserter” in the mouth of fans into a “Minister of National Defense”. (Photo by Zheng Rennan) In the 2023 World Baseball Classic (WBC), although the Chinese team failed to advance to the top 8, Zhang Yucheng, who took the fourth bat this year, performed well. He […]

CHAPTER 4 / Brand new trailer for the action highlight of the year!

Munich (ots) – The countdown is on: On March 23, JOHN WICK: CHAPTER 4, with Keanu Reeves once again in what is probably his most legendary role, starts in German cinemas. The brand new trailer promises spectacular action, a gripping story, sensational locations and extraordinary stunts. JOHN WICK: CHAPTER 4 is a must-see experience for […]

A “European document” reveals the most prominent evidence of Russia’s weakness… and two countries that help it overcome the Western siege

Al-Marsad newspaper: An internal document of the European Union Commission revealed that “the Russian war fund has begun to empty.” Pointing out that Moscow’s deception are signs of weakness. The document indicated that Moscow’s pursuit of “demanding marches and ammunition from Iran and North Korea could be evidence that they are facing long-term difficulties in […]

The river regions are so beautiful

On its way it passes a variety of landscapes and cities worth seeing. Hamelin and Bremen are particularly popular photo hotspots due to their architectural features such as half-timbered houses or the Weser Renaissance. Other highlights: Weserstein, old town of Hannoversch Münden, Kaiser Wilhelm Monument (Porta Westfalica) Most popular bike path: Weser Cycle Path (520 […]