The Indonesian Volleyball National Team Monitors the Material of Japanese Players

CNN Indonesia Friday, 28 Jul 2023 08:20 WIB The Indonesian Volleyball National Team will compete in the Asian Games. (Doc. AVC) Jakarta, CNNIndonesia — Indonesian Volleyball Team are in the same group as Japan Asian Games. The material for the Japanese players for the event is not yet known. The Indonesian Volleyball National […]

Rarely do people know, this is a row of handsome athletes who conquer the hearts of beautiful volleyball athletes, one of which is Yolla Yuliana – Not many people know, apparently a few athlete loves beautiful this time his heart was successfully conquered by handsome athletes, including Yolla Yuliana. Starting from soccer athletes to basketball athletes, they managed to make this beautiful volleyball athlete melt. There are even athlete couples who have continued to marry. In addition, there are […]

Rendy Tamamilang and Dimas Saputra failed to catch up with Megawati Hangestri and Mediol Yoku to play volleyball in South Korea – Two athletes loves Indonesia Rendy Tamamilang and Dimas Saputra failed to follow in the footsteps of Megawati Hangestri and Mediol Yoku to South Korea. South Korean Volleyball Federation (MARCH) roll out audition for Asian player quota. Different from women’s volleyball athletes who take place online, men’s volleyball athletes are required to audition in […]

Without the Beautiful Volleyball Athletes Yolla Yuliana and Shella Bernadetha, Here’s the List of the SEA Games Cambodia Women’s Volleyball National Team

Rewrite this content – The Central Board of the Indonesian Volleyball Association (PP PBVSI) finally announced the squad for the Indonesian Women’s Volleyball National Team. The 14 best female athletes will appear at the SEA Games XXXII/2023 Cambodia. However, from the list of names released on Tuesday (28/3/2023) there were not two names of […]

Husband “cuckold” because his wife loves to work, does not meet “sex”

In a husband and wife relationship, both people need to spend time nurturing their families and taking care of each other to be happy. There are wives or husbands just because they are so absorbed in work that they forget their other half. Recently, a wife told about her husband having an affair just because […]

From breaking up to getting married, these are 5 pairs of volleyball-football athletes, giving support to each other to make them sway

Rewrite this content – Playing popular sports such as football, badminton, volleyball and other popular sports in Indonesia cannot be separated from public opinion regarding personal matters such as romance. Call it football which is a community sport with many talented athletes in it. Meanwhile, women’s volleyball athletes cannot be separated from giving charm […]

Index – Culture – The terrible childhood was only the beginning

Most of the time, we see Irén Psota in front of us as someone whose overflowing good humor can’t be stopped, but he had plenty to draw from for his dramatic roles. He was born during the Horthy era, on March 28, 1929, in a basement apartment on Tömő Street. He grew up with a […]

The best love movies for Valentine’s Day

So Valentine’s Day love movies we have brought you, which you can watch even if you are alone and spending the night with your best friend on February 14, but also if you have a loved one and are coming home from holiday dates with them. Thanks, Simon Simon is an ordinary teenage boy, except […]

flight prices take off, the unknown baggage is worrying

Welcome to the summer of flights that cost a lot, but also promise constant turbulence to passengers including lost baggage, delays and, for the unfortunate, cancellations. We take the first week of August, starting from one of the two Roman airports. The round trip to Lisbon is close to 380 euros (without choice of seat […]