France restricts sale of nicotine patches, the latest ‘miracle remedy’ against Covid-19

Nicotine patches, gum and lozenges. The French government has just restricted its sale to prevent thousands of French people from rushing to their pharmacies in search of the latest “miracle remedy” against Covid-19. A study by the Pasteur Institute shuffles the hypothesis that nicotine could protect against the coronavirus, but smoking, warns the Minister of […]

“With bare hands”, Amandine Dhée in search of the senses

We hold first With bare hands for a simple but festive expression of desire, pleasure, feminine but not only; the whole is soon coupled with a sincere offering, that of an individual endowed with stupidity and conscience, almost heterosexual, who suddenly turns around like a glove, trying to overturn all his intimate dykes to give, […]

HMLTD, “A post-apocalyptic setting” – Culture / Next

The landscape. “It is a postapocalyptic setting. The album evokes our collapsing western world. This collapse is ecological, economic, political and spiritual. This landscape is located in the future, long after this disaster took place. The vase is an archaeological miracle, rediscovered thousands of years later by a civilization totally oblivious to our own. How […]

Milla Jovovich showed how to breastfeed a newborn daughter

Milla Jovovich became a mother for the third time: a 44-year-old Hollywood star gave birth to a daughter on a “beautiful date” – 02.02.2020. The first to share a photograph of the newborn baby was her sister Eva: 12-year-old daughter Jovovich and Hollywood director Paul Anderson’s posted a picture from the maternity hospital on Instagram. […]