Aliens Secretly Monitor Earth from This Planet

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Aliens are rumored to be monitoring Earth’s life from dozens of planets in the solar system. From the reports of two astronomers from the United States (US), a total of 29 planets are included in that assumption. This assumption is obtained by looking at the faint shadows when the entire planet […]

“A sex life after prostate cancer is possible”

Urologist Antoine Faix assesses the prospects for a possible sexual life after prostate cancer which affects relatively young men who want to maintain sexuality. “I am no longer a man.” Urologist specializing in male sexuality, I have often heard this sentence in patients treated for prostate cancer. How to respond to these men and help […]

Merida will have its stadium; planet friendly gem

MERIDA. CWith an investment of 2,200 million pesos, the Sustainable Yucatán Stadium will be built, the first of a sustainable nature in Mexico. The new colossus will have the Platinum Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification, the highest level of recognition for infrastructure works in topics such as the efficient use of water, […]

In hospital, the gap is widening between vaccinated and unvaccinated

FIG DATA – Data from the DREES, published weekly, illustrate the gap between vaccinated and unvaccinated in hospitals. Long called for, the publication in open data of epidemic indicators (screening, hospitalizations and deaths) allowing the monitoring of vaccination status has been effective since August 5. The research, studies, evaluation and statistics department (DREES) is responsible […]

These Covid treatments expected by the end of the year

DECRYPTION – While attention is focused on vaccines, laboratories and biotechs continue to research. One of the future treatments for Covid could be French. The Nantes-based biotech Xenothera is in fact working on a drug based on polyclonal antibodies intended for patients with moderate Covid in order to avoid in particular a transfer to intensive […]

small island near Greenland – ČT24 – Czech Television

“It was not our goal to discover a new island,” said polar explorer Morten Rasch, who runs a science department at an Arctic station in Greenland. At first, researchers thought they had arrived in Oodaaq, an island discovered in 1978 by Danish polar explorers. Only later, when they checked their position, did they find that […]

how did Corsica see the epidemic flare up in two weeks?

FOCUS – After the Pyrénées-Orientales, it is Corsica’s turn to see the epidemic spreading rapidly on its territory. Faced with an incidence rate four times higher at the national level, the prefecture has implemented new restrictions. While the Augustians are preparing to take the place of the Juillettistes on the white sand beaches bordered by […]

More torrential rains flood northwestern Europe

After Germany, it was London and Namur that were affected by a heavy rain event. Torrential rains once again hit Europe last weekend. In Belgium, it was the province of Namur, capital of Wallonia, which was particularly concerned early Saturday evening. Further west, the south of England was hit by torrential rains on Sunday. Read […]

Probable explosive volcanic eruptions on Venus – Space & Astronomy

Venus proves to be an increasingly tormented planet: this is indicated not only by its surface, which according to recent studies retains the signs of geological activity perhaps similar to that of the earth and of volcanic activity, but also its atmosphere, which shows the footprints the presence of explosive volcanoes. This is what emerges […]