“NASA” confirms: “Perseverance” robot took a rock sample from Mars

The US space agency, “NASA”, confirmed that its rover “Perseverance” succeeded in extracting the first rock sample from the planet Mars.On Monday, the agency published a picture of the sample on Twitter, accompanied by the comment, “We got it.”Last week, NASA suggested that its robot had extracted this sample, but the images taken were not […]

Completion of 92.4% of the seawater desalination plant in Jebel Ali

Dubai (Etihad) Dubai Electricity and Water Authority has announced the completion of 92.4% of the seawater desalination plant using reverse osmosis technology, which it is implementing in the Jebel Ali power and water desalination plants complex, which is one of the main pillars to provide the Emirate of Dubai with reliable, efficient and high quality […]

The production of the Kashagan oil field in Kazakhstan has fallen by half

MOSCOW (Reuters) – Three well-informed sources told Reuters today, Monday, that oil production from the huge Qashagan field in Kazakhstan It fell to 209,812 b/d this month, down 45 percent from 383,397 b/d in August.The sources added that the decline was caused by maintenance scheduled for the period from 1 to 10 September. The sources […]

The UAE receives 41 Afghans who were evacuated for humanitarian reasons

The UAE has received 41 humanitarian evacuees from Afghanistan, including members of the Afghan Girls Cycling and Robotics Teams, human rights activists as well as their families. The women, girls and families will be hosted in the Emirates Humanitarian City in Abu Dhabi where they will be accommodated and provided with health care and food […]

Hyundai Tucson 2022 specifications in Egypt

Ahmed Atef (Cairo) The pioneers of social networking sites in Egypt circulated pictures and information about images of the Hyundai Tucson 2022, which includes a set of specifications and means of security and safety, including 6 airbags, anti-lock brakes (ABS), and electronic distribution of EBD brakes. The car features a number of luxuries and equipment, […]

Semiconductor crisis disrupts US auto industry

Sherif Adel (Washington) With the spread of new mutations of the Covid-19 virus, the supply chains that support American industries were disrupted, to continue the semiconductor crisis that struck many sectors several months ago, and caused a decline in production in one of the most important industries in the United States, which is the automobile […]

Investcorp completes two deals worth $4 billion

announced Investcorp Corporation, announced the completion of the sale of Pro Unlimited, which was completed by Investcorp and funds managed by Harvest Partners, a New York-based private equity firm. The sale was to EQT Private Equity, a global investment firm. This sale is the second in a week for Investcorp, after announcing the sale of […]

European stocks are stable, heading for the seventh month of gains

FRANKFURT (Reuters) – Closed European stock market Stable today, Monday, amid weak trading due to the holiday in Britain, but it is heading to end the month with strong gains, supported by expectations that continued support from major central banks will promote an economic recovery.The Stoxx 600 index ended the session unchanged at 472.68 points, […]

Japan shares close higher on Wall Street gains

Tokyo (Reuters) – closed Japanese stocks It rose on Monday, tracking a rebound in Wall Street after US Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell’s remarks at the Jackson Hole forum eased market concerns about a rapid withdrawal of stimulus measures due to the epidemic.The broader Topix index rose near the close to end the session as […]

100 million dirhams assets under management of the Chimera Fund

Abu Dhabi (Etihad) Chimera Capital, which specializes in establishing and managing investment funds and a wholly owned company of Chimera Investments LLC, headquartered in Abu Dhabi, announced that the value of assets under management exceeded 100 million dirhams ($ 27.2 million) during the month of July 2021 in the investment fund “Chimera Standard & Emirates […]