Depression could favor a corona infection

Diabetes, lung diseases and obesity have long been considered risk factors for Covid-19. A US study has now also established a connection to mental illness. That the Corona-Krise can have a negative impact on people with depression has already been researched. Now US scientists have also investigated what influence mental illness can have on the […]

Integrative medicine, an option to control stress

When a person becomes stressed and goes into anxiety or depression, the immune system is modified and then more physical diseases appear, said Mario Alberto Valdez MarroquĂ­n, founder of the Mexican Biological Medicine. And, he said, the pandemic and the prolonged confinement of the person has caused stress and anxiety to increase, and a stressed […]

Schizophrenia Patients Double in Risk for Suicide – Schizophrenia is one of the most common long-term psychological problems experienced by society. Reporting from, based on data from the Basic Health Research (Riskesdas) in 2018, there are 9.8 percent of Indonesia’s population aged 15 years and over who suffer from this disease. Schizophrenia can be caused by many things, including genetic […]

Mark Ruffalo, the gloomy life

The mini-series I Know This Much is True is to Mark Ruffalo what the Revenant was to Leonardo DiCaprio, a work entirely devoted and swallowed by an extraordinary performance. And we like it a lot (a lot!), The Ruffalo from Dark Waters or Spotlight, with his doggy eyes and cheeks plunged into paperwork. But did […]

Does it always have to be healing?

Simagine the following scenario: a patient with schizophrenia lives in a care facility for the mentally ill; the condition causes him to eat cigarette butts that others have thrown on the floor. Since this is self-explanatory, a highly unhealthy behavior, doctors and nurses relieve him of the stub again and again. This in turn affects […]