Resetting immune cells improves recovery from traumatic brain injury

Europa Press Madrid Updated:02/24/2020 19: 52h save Related news Act on hyperactive immune cells and buffer their neurotoxic effects Chronic may offer new therapeutic strategies for traumatic brain injury (TBI), according to new preclinical research in mice, which publishes the ‘Journal of Neuroscience.’ Collaborative research involving scientists from Trinity College, Dublin and the University of […]

Neurons control the movement “conversing” with each other

ABC Health Madrid Updated:02/11/2020 13: 37h save Related news Once an action is learned, for example riding a bicycle, it can be repeated numerous times, which implies that something related to this ability remains stable in the brain. To explain it, several groups of experts had studied what each neuron does separately. However, an international […]

Scientists shed new light on the neural circuits that acquire and update voluntary actions

February 3, 2020 Two types of neuronal circuit in the brain that acquire and update voluntary actions are much more intertwined than previously thought. Scientists at the Sydney UNSW Decision Neuroscience Laboratory have made an important discovery about how brains influence behavior that defies theory that has been maintained for 30 years. And the findings […]