Enter Middle Ages, Scientists Predict Age and Remaining Life of the Sun All

KOMPAS.com – The sun as the center of the Earth’s solar system, will likely pass through middle age. That’s according to data published in June 2022 from the Gaia spacecraft. According to spacecraft estimates, the age of the Sun is 4.57 billion years. The European Space Agency’s Observatory is credited with providing the most accurate […]

Guyon Photo Star Using Sausage Image, French Scientist Apologizes

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — A scientist French apologized after uploading a photo of a piece of chorizo, a pork sausage from the Iberian Peninsula, claiming it was an image of a star taken by the Space Telescope James Webb (JWST). Etienne Klein, a physicist and director at the French Atomic Energy and Alternative Energy Commission, […]

The Sun Claims to Reduce the Risk of Death from Covid, but Doesn’t Kill the Virus

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Case Covid-19 in Indonesia has increased again. In addition to the issue of the booster vaccine speeding which had stagnated, claims of sunlight as a recipe for treating Covid-19 are also buzzing again. The addition of daily Covid-19 cases as of Friday (8/7) there were 2,472 positive cases. The total number […]

What is this summer camp in Sun Valley where American billionaires meet?

Thursday 07 July 2022 19:10 … 4 Arrival of a star for David Zaslav, the boss of Warner Bros Discovery. © Photo : Kevin Dietsch / AFP The place has become a must. Every early summer, the bosses of the biggest American companies meet in the winter sports resort of Idaho. Between two activities, these […]

6 Characteristics of the Planet Venus, the Planet with the Hottest Temperatures

Merdeka.com – Venus is the second planet from the Sun, and is Earth’s closest neighbor in the solar system. This scorching planet is named after the Roman goddess of love and beauty and is the only planet named after a woman. Venus was observed by ancient astronomers from different cultures many times, but the first […]

The Aphelion Phenomenon Makes Coughs and Colds, Hoax or Fact?

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Space phenomenon Aphelion or when the position of the Earth is farthest from the Sun occurs on Monday (4/7). There are many hoaxes about Aphelion that have been circulating, one of which makes the Earth cooler and then makes humans sick with coughs and colds. When Aphelion occurred, Earth was 94.51 […]

“Shams” organizes a campaign on the occasion of “World Blood Donor Day”

Sharjah:“Gulf”Sharjah Media City “Shams” organized a blood donation campaign at its headquarters, on the occasion of the “International Blood Donor Day”, which the world celebrates on June 13 every year.During a community atmosphere, the campaign – which was launched under the slogan “We take initiative to make a change… we donate to save a life” […]

Close-up Sun Portraits That People Have Never Seen

Jakarta – Vehicle Solar Orbiter catch the latest pictures Sun. There is a unique appearance that has never been seen before, namely a powerful-looking flare and a patch of strange patterns that stretch across the Sun. The British spacecraft’s closest orbit to the Sun, known as perihelion, occurred on March 26, 2022. At that time, […]