Citroën C4 X and ë-C4

Rewrite this content At first glance, there is nothing striking about this C4, even though it has been thoroughly changed At first glance, there is nothing striking about this C4, even though it has been thoroughly changed Share a photo: Her position is different from here, because of her long bottom, she has grown big […]

7 rupees less per litre; KSRTC to run diesel buses from Karnataka

Rewrite this content Thiruvananthapuram: KSRTC CMD Biju Prabhakaran has directed the buses plying to Karnataka to desalt the diesel as Rs 7 per liter is less than in Kerala. Diesel price in Kerala is Rs 95.66. 87.36 when reaching Karnaka. KSRTC has also issued a special fuel card to purchase fuel from Karnataka. This card […]

Grand California 680 LED SOLAR CLIMATRONIC

Rewrite this content Grand California 680 LED SOLAR CLIMATRONIC – Tiemeyer Gruppe Thank you for your interest in our financial services. Before we forward you to the calculation, we are obliged to inform you. Please download the following document and read it carefully. Download and read By clicking on the “Understood” button, you confirm that […]

It’s heartbreaking what happens to these trucks

Renault Trucks has decided to take sustainability to the next level and further reduce its ecological footprint. Nowadays, everyone thinks about reducing the energy consumption of factories, but this is not what we are talking about now. The French manufacturer decided to set up a truck dismantling plant so that the parts that can still […]

metropolises speed up the timetable, automatic sanctions in 2024

Gradually, the oldest vehicles identified by their Crit’Air sticker are driven out of town centres. As the protest grows, all cities will have to align themselves with the national calendar excluding the Crit’Air 3 by the end of 2024 at the latest. Soon, crossing a large French city or parking there with an old vehicle […]

We drove: Mercedes-Benz GLC, 2022

Based on the experience of a short test run, it is still difficult to filter everything, but with the GLC we managed to get involved in several interesting situations on the ZalaZONE test track. People usually only experience the operation of driving support systems in person, there is rarely an opportunity to practice them, so […]