How to read your blood test?

How to read your blood test? Energy vector of the heat released by our body, blood has always been considered the vehicle of life. With the enrichment of techniques and medical knowledge, the number and complexity of biological parameters have increased.What is the distress of the patient confronted with a succession of sibylline denominations adjoining […]

Blood Type Volume 1: Blood Companion

Blood Type Volume 1: Blood CompanionIn a world stricken with poverty and despair, the only way to escape misery is to serve the vampire elite, as thirsty for power as they are for blood. By agreeing to become Beckham’s blood companion, Reyna hardly measures what she is getting into. Cold, authoritarian and seductive, he corresponds […]

The blood of Atys – Label Emmaüs

Blood of AtysThe result of a slow, rigorous and passionate elaboration, Le Sang d’Atys, this vast allegorical and sensual poem constitutes, by François Mauriac’s own admission, a kind of keystone to his entire work. Taking as its plot an ancient legend (Ceres, goddess of the Earth, unable to submit to his burning desire the young […]

Jokowi Officially Inaugurates Sultan HB X Governor of Yogyakarta 2022-2027

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — President Joko Widodo officially inaugurate Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwono X and KGPAA Paku Alam X as governor and deputy governor of the Special Region of Yogyakarta (DIY) for the 2022-2027 period at the State Palace, Jakarta. Jokowi then led the reading of the oath. Sultan and Paku Alam recited the words Jokowi […]

3D File Austin – Fantasy Dildo Shape・Downloadable Design for 3D Printer・Cults

? Quality of creation: 0,0/5 (0 decide by voteVoices) Rating by members on printability, usefulness, level of detail, etc. Your rating: 0/5 Clear Your rating: 0/5 Description of the 3D model This is a replica of the Bad Dragon “Austin” dildo available in silicone mould. The download includes “Austin” in the 5 sizes offered by […]

Kanjuruhan Solidarity Action, DIY Police Headquarters Strikes Out ‘Murderer’

Yogyakarta, CNN Indonesia — Dozens of people who are members of the Movement of the People’s Alliance (ARB) held a solidarity action to the tragedy of Kanjuruhan in front of the Police Headquarters DIYDepok, Sleman, Wednesday (5/10) night. The masses were observed to come to the front area of ​​the DIY Police Headquarters at around […]

Marketing. 2nd edition – Emmaus label

Marketing. 2nd editionThis book presents the essential themes of marketing in 40 synthetic, clear and structured sheets. It is intended for an audience of students enrolled in an introductory course in marketing, and/or wishing to quickly acquire basic knowledge. Each file can be studied separately. Each theme is introduced by a mini box (Key point) […]

I tested DALL-E 2

Thanks to Fooohx, reader of and support on my Twitch, I tested live this week the artificial intelligence DALL-E 2 in beta. For those who missed the phenomenon, DALL-E is an OpenAI project that is capable of producing images from a simple sentence. Last time, I told you about Craiyon which does the same […]

23 heat-relieving images from workshop hell

The summer is raging, the heatwave is setting records, the heat has broken through all defenses inside and outside, from above and below, we are trying to survive the day by cooking in our own juice. The following gallery will help you a lot in this task, in which we have collected distracting photos from […]