This camera does not need a photographer

We have gradually heard a lot about self-driving cars, although it is still a while until they are a common sight on the roads, but what about self-driving cameras? This is exactly what Canon has now launched. The idea behind it is that it is often the same person in a family or other group […]

Who is the phantom? Portrait of Steven Gätjen on October 26th, 21st

The new show “Who is the Phantom?” can be seen today at ProSieben. The show is moderated by Steven Gätjen. We present him here in a portrait. On Tuesday, October 26th, 2021, the new TV show “Who is the Phantom?” on ProSieben. It’s all about tinkering and puzzling, because: There are three celebrities in each […]

DJI Action 2 photos out, new body design materials released this Wednesday

DJI said earlier that it will release new products on October 27th and November 5th. The latest news is that the most likely to be released this Wednesday is the DJI Action 2 action camera. The website PhotoRumors has uploaded several images recently, which is believed to be DJI Action. 2 official product photos, and […]

Creepy but cute Squid Game surveillance cameras

Opportunistic but creative, this accessory concept is inspired by Netflix’s Korean event series. Fans already regret that these devices are only 3D concepts, which does not detract from the talent of their designers: Cheon Ryong Choi, Soonook Kwon and Jaeyeon Nam. Webcams Squid Game These cameras are inspired by the enigmatic guards of the Netflix series […]

SODERCAN and Cámara organize a conference on business opportunities in Central America, Ecuador and Brazil – Cantabria

The Society for Regional Development of Cantabria, SODERCAN, attached to the Ministry of Industry, Tourism, Innovation, Transport and Commerce, organizes with the Chamber of Commerce the information session “Business opportunities in Central America, Ecuador and Brazil for companies in Cantabria” , which will take place next Wednesday, October 27, starting at 4:00 p.m. in virtual […]

In these cases an upgrade is worthwhile

The biggest difference between the iPhone 12 (l) and 13 (r) is the camera arrangement … And the color difference, although in both cases it is (Product) Red. Compared to the iPhone 11 (below), the differences are bigger: As with the iPhone 12, there are no longer any rounded edges. The biggest difference between the […]

How much does the Louis Vuitton belt that CFK wore in the Senate cost

The luxury brand accessory caught the eye when the vice president, who was only 44 minutes in the session, sang the anthem In the return to the face-to-face sessions in the Senate, the vice president Cristina Kirchner it did not go unnoticed. After a year and a half of virtual operation of the Upper House, […]

Infinix Predicted to Prepare a New HP Note Series, Bring a 120 Hz Screen?

Logo Infinix. (Infinix) – After launching the Zero X series, Infinix is ​​predicted to be preparing a new cellphone in its Note line. Leaks circulating claim that the new Infinix Note will carry a 120 Hz screen. The device will follow the Infinix Note 10 Pro which was launched in early 2021. This new […]

Guests, broadcast date, moderator, broadcast on TV or stream, repetition

Next Saturday it will be again on ARD: Do you understand fun? Which celebrity guests will be there this time and where you can watch the show live on TV and stream. Do you understand fun? – This is the question moderator Guido Cantz asked on October 9 in the ARD back to his guests. […]

Prices and specifications of the Infinix ZERO X Pro phone.. Get to know them

books : Wael Al-Toukhi launched today Infinix company Infinix, which specializes in the technology industry, launched its new smartphone from the ZERO X series of phones, under the name ZERO X Pro, at an event held at the Astronomical Observatory headquarters in Kattameya, Cairo, to conduct a moon imaging experiment with the new phone ZERO […]