The Algerian President received the Saudi Foreign Minister..and Ibn Farhan: There is complete agreement in visions…Damascus and Riyadh announce the resumption of the work of their diplomatic missions

Yesterday evening, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia announced the resumption of the work of its diplomatic mission in Damascus, followed by a statement by the Syrian Foreign Ministry in which it announced the resumption of the work of its mission in Riyadh, in a major diplomatic development that reflects […]

Pictures- A mother and her two daughters were injured in the collapse of a walkway west of Riyadh.. and the disclosure of what happened to a “woman” who tried to save them

Al-Marsad Newspaper: A woman and her two daughters, in addition to another woman, sustained separate injuries when they fell into a hole after a collapse in the new walkway adjacent to “Tanga” Street in the Al-Suwaidi neighborhood – west of Riyadh. Citizen Hassan Al-Wadaani said; That his wife and their two daughters were exercising in […]

Riyadh policy .. relief and peace

While the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is moving in all directions, to stop the deterioration of the situation in Sudan, and to reach a sustainable truce between the two conflicting parties, Riyadh is launching, as usual, a wide humanitarian operation, in terms of providing the necessary assistance to the people of this country to alleviate […]

In the video, a researcher in “Comparative Jurisprudence” comments on the unification of reading the Qur’an with Najdi recitation in Riyadh

Al-Marsad Newspaper: Dr. Saad Al-Sabr, a researcher in comparative jurisprudence, commented on unifying the reading of the Qur’an with Najdi recitation in Riyadh. Different Maqamat He said, during a telephone conversation with the “Saudi Arabia” channel: “It is amazing that there are those who accept reading in various shrines, but they stop at Najdi reading […]

Saudi Arabia announces the implementation of the death sentence as a punishment for a citizen in the Eastern Province who joined a “terrorist cell” and supported the approach of “one of the doomed”

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – The Saudi Ministry of Interior announced the implementation of a death sentence, as a discretionary measure, against a citizen who joined a “terrorist cell” and fired at security vehicles and tried to kill security men and disturb internal security and supported the approach of “one of the doomed,” according […]

Malal on the death of Vice Principal of Aliasmin International School Riyadh

Riyadh (Mansoor Qasmi) Mrs. Asha Cherin, Vice Principal of Eliasmin International School, passed away on Friday, April 28. She was suffering from a deadly disease like cancer and was staying in India for treatment. Asha Cherian belonged to Edthwa, Kerala. He was appointed in Eliasman School in March 2002. Earlier she was associated with PS […]

Sources told Al-Watan that the meeting was excellent, and Riyadh is keen on restoring Syria to its Arab position… President al-Assad: Our healthy relations are in the interest of us and the Arab region and the region… Ibn Farhan: The next stage requires the return of Syrian-Arab relations to their proper state

After an absence that lasted 12 years, Saudi Foreign Minister Faisal bin Farhan bin Abdullah came to Damascus yesterday, motivated by his country’s desire to restore its strong relations with Syria and to enhance joint Arab action, something that Damascus had always called for even during the years of war against it, and it opened […]

Riyadh is not late

Since day one, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has placed peace at the top of the priorities for resolving the crisis in Yemen, put forward a series of serious initiatives, embraced the internationally recognized legitimate government in Yemen, and supported all directions aimed at stopping the fighting in this neighboring country, preserving the lives of […]