Farmer can take a hot shower thanks to the milk from his cows

NH News In cooperation with NH News NOS News•yesterday, 10:25 A farmer from Hensbroek in North Holland generates energy through the heat of the milk produced by his 148 cows. He uses the hot water for showering, for the washing machine and dishwasher. “It’s a wonderful system,” says cattle farmer Marco Jaapies to NH Nieuws. […]

Drastic measures threaten livestock farms in Overijssel

ANP In cooperation with RTV East NOS News•Wednesday, 15:21 The province of Overijssel fears it will have to take “drastic measures” against dozens of so-called PAS reporters. These are companies that reported to the government for activities involving little nitrogen precipitation for the Nitrogen Approach Program (PAS). They did not need to apply for a […]

The Freedom | They donate fertilizers to small farmers in Huamachuco | EDITION

The deficit of 180 thousand tons of urea has put at risk the 2022-2023 agricultural campaign and the producers that depend on chemical fertilization, with rice, corn and potatoes being the ones that register a high dependence on urea. Andrés Alencastre, former Minister of Agricultural Development and Irrigationannounced at the time that food prices will […]

Industrial companies do not see buy-out or relocation because of nitrogen

NOS NOS News•Saturday, 13:01•Amended today, 12:08 Hatixe Raba editor Interior Hatixe Raba editor Interior “Peak loaders can be agricultural companies as well as industry,” wrote nitrogen mediator Johan Remkes in his report. This means that not only farmers, but also a number of industrial companies must reduce their nitrogen emissions to zero. But voluntarily buying […]

Remkes names the gap between city and countryside, is hard on the cabinet

ANP NOS News•Wednesday, 20:38 Guus Dietvorst Political editor Guus Dietvorst Political editor In the conversations that mediator Remkes had about the nitrogen crisis, he was shocked by “the genuine despair of reasonable people” and “the gap between the city and the countryside”. He is also sharply critical of the cabinet. According to Remkes, the policy […]

20 agreements in 2 years

ANP NOS News•Saturday, 07:00•Amended Saturday, 14:06 Sarah Bürmann editor Interior Thomas Spekschoor news reporter Sarah Bürmann editor Interior Thomas Spekschoor news reporter The first buy-out scheme for farmers to reduce nitrogen emissions is not yet a great success. According to the provinces, at least 750 companies were eligible for a voluntary buy-out scheme, but since […]

2030 not up for discussion for the cabinet, but looking at measurement method

ANP NOS News•Wednesday, 15:31•Amended Wednesday, 18:13 As far as the government is concerned, halving nitrogen emissions by 2030 is not up for discussion. Nitrogen mediator Johan Remkes said this after an almost four-hour conversation with representatives of agriculture and members of the cabinet. Earlier this month, CDA leader and Deputy Prime Minister Hoekstra said that […]

Supermarkets stunt less with meat for the first time, sees Wakker Dier

ANP NOS News•Tuesday, 09:42 The number of offers for meat products in supermarkets has fallen for the first time since 2015, according to research into supermarket brochures by animal welfare organization Wakker Dier. The number of meat offers is back at the level of 2020, after reaching a record high in the first half of […]

Midagri: urea will reach the field in time for crop fertilization | News

The acquisition of nitrogenous fertilizers (urea) will arrive on time for the fertilization of crops within the periods established by the calendar of the 2022-2023 agricultural campaign, the Minister of Agrarian Development and Irrigation, Andrés Alencastre, said today. “This is not a third call, but a first one under a new modality, more transparent, a […]

Midagri reiterates that the import of urea will arrive in August | News

The Minister of Agrarian Development and Irrigation, Andrés Alencastre, reiterated today that the import of the nitrogenous fertilizer known as urea will arrive in a timely manner for the 2022-2023 agricultural campaign that begins in August of this year. “Rest assured, as well as all farmers, that urea will arrive at the right time for […]