off to prophylaxis for one hundred people. The appeal of the Asl

He had high fever and headache. It was March 13 when she began to experience the first symptoms. Despite the treatment, the headache did not go away and on March 15, a 19-year-old from Valdarno went to the emergency room. The next day he was hospitalized with a serious diagnosis: “suspected bacterial meningitis”. The ASL […]

BPJS Checking, Hajj and Umrah Pilgrims Are Not Mandatory Meningitis Injections, Is the Treatment Covered by BPJS Health?

Rewrite this content GridStar.ID – BPJS Checking, is meningitis covered by BPJS Health? The Ministry of Health revealed that pilgrims and Umrah pilgrims no longer need the meningitis vaccine. This stipulation was contained in a Circular Letter concerning Implementation of Meningitis Vaccination for Hajj and Umrah Pilgrims on November 11, 2022. The meningococcal meningitis vaccine […]

Meningitis, twenty year old hospitalized in Padua

A frightening diagnosis: since Monday a twenty-year-old from the first urban belt has been hospitalized in the Padua hospital as he is suffering from meningitis. Meningitis The young man – according to what was reported by “Il Gazzettino” – accused the first symptoms on Sunday morning believing it could be a simple flu, but in […]

The Official Government Does Not Require Meningitis Vaccine For Umrah Pilgrims

Jakarta, CNNIndonesia — Ministry of Health RI officially does not oblige prospective pilgrims umrah to vaccinate Meningitis Meningococcal when going to perform Umrah to Saudi Arabia. This decision was stated in Circular Letter Number Hk.02.02/CI/9325/2022 concerning Implementation of Meningitis Vaccination for Hajj and Umrah Pilgrims. This circular was signed by the Secretary General of the […]

Meningitis? GSK puts the dots on the I’s

To mark World Meningitis Day, which is celebrated on October 5th, GSK launches the campaign “Meningitis: Let’s put the dots on the I’s”. In force until the end of November, it will be present on digital, social networks and radio. The initiative aims to alert to the lack of information about meningitis and contribute to […]

Meningitis, young woman in intensive care, three family members undergoing prophylaxis

CHIOGGIA – A young non-Italian woman who lives and works in our area is hospitalized with a diagnosis of meningitis in the Intensive Care Unit of theChiogg hospitalsince last night. The health workers of the Ulss 3 Serenissima have carried out all the necessary checks with the consequent actions of research and monitoring of contacts. […]

La Jornada Maya – Florida County goes into quarantine for giant African snail

International > Society Astrid Sánchez 07/04/2022 | Mexico City After confirming the presence of specimens of giant African snails, United States authorities decreed a quarantine in Pasco County, Florida, to treat the animal that is extremely harmful to agriculture and to humans, as it can cause meningitis. The Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services […]

CDC Warns of One of the Worst Outbreaks – NBC 7 South Florida

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) are warning about one of the “worst outbreaks” of meningococcal disease in Florida, where they have recorded at least 24 cases and six deaths, for which they are calling the LGBTQ community (the most vulnerable to the disease) to be vaccinated. “The Centers for Disease Control and […]