Breakthrough? Third HIV Cure After Stem Cell Transplantation – The Science

medicine After similar cases in Berlin and London, now the “Düsseldorf patient”: Once again, a special therapy has freed an HIV-infected person from the virus. Could the method be used widely? From dpa Feb 26, 2023 4:22 amReading time: 3 minutes Doctors from the University Hospital in Düsseldorf report the healing of a cancer patient […]

Dallas Cowboys fan smashes TV screen after loss

Rewrite this content Agencies / The Voice of Michoacán a fan of Dallas Cowboys He couldn’t tolerate his team’s loss to the San Francisco 49ers in the divisional playoff game, so he stood up and smashed the screen on which he was watching the game with a punch. It was the TikTok user @ victorledezma21 […]

Beware of Counterfeiting Mobile Banking Transfer Proofs, Check Out 3 Ways to Avoid It – Perpetrators of cybercrime in the banking world have various modes of deceiving potential victims. One of the modes of fraud that often occurs is the falsification of proof of transfer mobile bankingsuch as BCA mobile, myBCA, and KlikBCA, to purchase goods or transfer money. In the case of goods transactions, fraudsters who pretend […]

An immunologist described a new symptom of covid. It appears mainly at night

Scientists are now working to identify differences between BA.5 and other strains, including the ability to re-infect humans within weeks of contracting covid. In addition, a leading British immunologist suggested that the new strain could be causing a new symptom in patients. The studies agree. Scientists are clear about what exactly started the covid pandemic […]

This Sunday Quiroga will celebrate the feast of the Precious Blood

Where we go? | 30 Jun, 2022, 20:46 Thousands of inhabitants, both from the municipality and from other cities, will attend this festival to venerate the crucified Christ. Photo, Angelica Ayala. – + Jorge Manzo / The Voice of Michoacan Quiroga, Michoacan. On the first Sunday of July, the municipality celebrates […]

Bullying in America, the fine line between prevention and crime

EFE / The Voice of Michoacan Between 50% and 70% of Latino and Caribbean students have been victims of some type of bullying, according to a Unicef ​​document that warns about the increase in violence in schools. Blows, injuries with objects, profanity, and even sexual abuse are setting off alarms in countries like Colombia, Peru, […]