Always preheat the oven empty

Anyone preheating the oven should make sure that it is empty. Because if the tray heats up, this can have a negative effect on the baking result. Why are cold sheets better? And when is preheating superfluous? In order to save time or energy, many people put their cold pizza, the cake tin with the […]

Weather: the forecast for Saturday 25 July

After Friday ‘s storms, the sun shines again sole on almost the whole peninsula. Temperatures are rising in anticipation of the arrival of atorrid tidal wave early next week. According to experts, the weather will be on Saturday marked improvement with sun prevailing over most of the regions and only a few unstable notes […]

Health: electronic prescriptions and telecare were approved

The law was approved by unanimous vote in the Senate and authorizes medical, dental, and other prescription or prescription professionals doctors for all health workers legally empowered to do so, in the respective fields of healthcare and pharmaceutical care, public and private. In addition, the norm that had the green light in the Senate determines […]

Weather: forecasts for Saturday and Sunday, first weekend of July

The first week of July presents a differentiated weather between North and South as explains. In the northern regions, after a few days of heat but with scattered thunderstorms, the pressure will begin to increase while the thunderstorms will drop towards the South. Saturday there will be unstable weather on the Adriatic regions, on […]

The forecast for tomorrow Friday 3 July

It will be a little summer Friday in most of the Peninsula. Characterized by an intense thunderstorm disturbance in the North: showers and thunderstorms of great intensity with hailstorms and local tornadoes will hit the northern regions with scattered character, in the afternoon also Umbria, Marche and Abruzzo. Sunny on the rest of Italy. Here’s […]

Weather: forecasts for Thursday 2 July

The sky will continue to be sunny in the Center-South, while in the North thunderstorms will become more frequent, both on the hills and in the evening on the plain. These are the predictions of the technicians North The hottest and muggiest areas will be those of Emilia, with peaks of 35-36 ° C […]

Do you participate in our 2019 Michelin club?

Do you participate in our 2019 Michelin club? | Digital Gastronomic Magazine Present Drafting 11/6/2018Comments On November 21, the annual presentation of the 2019 Michelin Guide for Spain and Portugal will be held at the Pavilhão Carlos Lopes in Lisbon. For the first time, one of the most anticipated nights in the sector will […]

Who will be the winners of the Michelin star? Result of our club

Drafting 11/19/2019Comments As we announced a few days tomorrow, November 20, the new winners of one, two or three Michelin stars will be announced at the Lope de Vega Theater in Seville. Until then, our readers have left their opinion by participating in our club. Do you want to know who are the restaurants that, […]