What special rights do long-established tenants have?

And then nobody has any privileges, even if they have placed their garden furniture there for years. The dry floor is not usually the personal useable area of ​​individual tenants and nobody has the right to use such common areas at certain times or particularly often. The landlord can of course leave it up to […]

A huge painted egg and Gemer impressions. Tips for Friday, March 24

Where to go for an interesting event. They welcome Easter BARDEJOV. A huge painted egg will be placed in the center of Bardejov again this year, which will symbolize the approaching spring holidays – Easter. The ceremonial unveiling of the largest hand-painted egg with a circumference of approximately 4.2 meters and a height of approximately […]

5 tips for better sleep during Ramadan

News source / 24During the holy month of Ramadan, Muslims are busy with many activities and worships that require extra effort, such as fasting, praying and preparing food, which may affect the quality of their sleep.The following are a set of tips that help you get better sleep during Ramadan, according to the “Metro” website:Watch […]

False eyelashes VS natural: Versa tells you what you didn’t know yet

Highlighted, exaggerated or personalized eyelashes were immortalized by icons such as Twiggy or Diana Ross and served as the basis and inspiration for the countless false formats that are available to us today. Whether stick-on, magnetic, professionally applied thread by thread or installed at home in minutes, there are thousands of false eyelash options that […]

Five professional tips for wood staining

Choosing the right stain – When it comes to your outdoor wood stain project, it’s important to make sure you choose the best stain for your wood. Some key ideas to consider when choosing a stain are: “Is the wood new or old?” “What level of protection does the wood need from outdoor elements (UV, […]