agree with the regulator the final conditions

The UK Competition and Market Authority (CMA) published this Friday the final conditions under which Cellnex will divest 1,100 sites as a condition for the purchase of the remaining CK Hutchison towers to be approved. Company sources have told Europa Press that they expect the process to end in the second half, as already advanced […]

Miami and South Florida Weather Forecast – NBC 7 Miami

The showers and storms that have dominated the pattern of late ended this Monday night. Tuesday and Wednesday will see a drier, brighter pattern, but the late-spring warmth remains. Highs on both days will peak in the 80s to 80s with little chance of rain. ENTER HERE TO SEE OUR DOPPLER RADAR. On Wednesday there […]

How to change the mortgage conditions to save more than 100 euros per month

Lowering the interest rate, modifying the amortization period, reducing commissions, eliminating abusive clauses and cutting or improving links or products associated with the mortgage are some of the reasons for change the mortgage. A movement that many of those who have contracted a home loan they consider. Especially in recent times when the economic outlook, […]

Miami and South Florida Weather Forecast – NBC 7 Miami

After the heavy rains that fell in the early hours of South Florida, conditions improve a little on Friday morning. A combination of easterly winds and increased cloud cover will contribute to a warmer Friday in South Florida, although we will also have some showers. The weather continues to be unstable, with the potential for […]

Cajasur and Saeca offer the primary sector a line of credit under preferential conditions

Cajasur makes available to its clients in the primary sector the financing line that the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries and Saeca They offer and whose purpose is to facilitate access to financing for operators in the agricultural, agri-food and fishing sectors affected by situations of various kinds. The Córdoba-based bank has reported that young […]

Can I be a mother after breast cancer?

As cancer cases have multiplied by ten in recent decades and the age of childbearing is delayed, mmany women reach 35 or 40 years wanting to debut as mothers but they “run into” a cancer diagnosis. The breast tumor is the most common in Spain: one in eight women will suffer from it throughout her […]