Glass inspired by seashells to shape the cars of the future

A. Noguerol MADRID Updated:05/21/2020 01: 46h save Related news If we take a look at the past we will realize that in the first cars in history there were hardly any glazed surfaces, since many of them they didn’t even have a windshield. The evolution of design and above all the search for stronger and […]

this will be the augmented reality glasses of the American company

ABC TECHNOLOGY Madrid Updated:05/20/2020 01: 58h save Related news In spite of the Covid-19, Apple continues to work tirelessly in the development of its next devices. In addition to the family of the iPhone 12 those from Cupertino are finishing the last details of their first augmented reality glasses: the Apple glass. Now, the “youtuber” […]

Let’s eat life against the Covid-19: vatrouchka like in Russia

It’s not clear how we ended up listening to an old France Culture show on the Trans-Siberian Railway. Containment has its mysteries (like the algorithms of social networks, which would be at best to be credited here). In the June 10, 1973 issue of Unusual world, it was a question, therefore, of this railway of […]

Chic body kit LADA 4×4 struck the net

It turns out that the legendary Russian SUV can be premium. The developers of Russian engineering companies do not even think about the fact that manufactured cars with small modifications can compete with foreign premium cars. Apparently, it’s profitable for such brands to produce unpretentious auto junk, so that later the owners themselves create masterpieces. […]

Dairy products: not three a day as a general rule, nor do cheeses count | Good Life

They are part of the list of products that are included in what we know as healthy eating. To be clear. “The milk and its derivatives have a very interesting nutritional profile, “introduces Giuseppe Russolillo, president of the Spanish Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. And it has many benefits. Since BUENAVIDA, we have helped spread […]

Coronavirus: what if “Contagion” had everything planned?

Intimate confession: every night, when I get home, I only have one desire, to re-watch Contagion. I’m holding back, because it’s painful for the person sprawled on the couch by my side, but, at the same time, it makes me so much an eye, to appear in the most watched movies on Netflix. He struts […]