Data misuse: AOK Baden-Württemberg has to pay high fines

State data protection officer Stefan Brink has fined AOK Baden-Württemberg EUR 1.2 million. The health insurance company misused data from competitions, he told the SWR. The AOK Baden-Württemberg has organized sweepstakes for several years, also to win new customers. The health insurance company used data from the competitions for advertising – which is fine if […]

Free health insurance for Palladium Hotel Group guests »news | tip

This means that the guests of the hotel group are completely free from unforeseen events that could arise in relation to Covid-19. The introduction of this insurance represents a further step towards ensuring security in all facilities of the Palladium Hotel Group and is available to all guests – both direct customers and customers who […]

How to survive a long illness financially

Frankfurt Most people underestimate the risk of being unable to work for a long period of time in the course of their professional life. Common causes include mental stress and accidents. Little is known about whether Covid-19 lung disease can affect health in the long term. Doctors believe that permanent damage to the lungs or […]

VSEs can be reimbursed 50% of expenses in protective equipment

Health Insurance provides a subsidy of up to 5,000 euros to facilitate the adoption of barriers to work. By Marie-Cécile Renault Sébastien SORIANO / Le Figaro Masks, hydroalcoholic gel, Plexiglas screens … are necessary to protect employees at work against Coronavirus but constitute a real budget for very small businesses. This is why Health Insurance […]

New gene therapies require new pricing models

Novartis headquarters in Basel The pharmaceutical company has so far treated around 500 patients with the new gene therapy Zolgensma. (Photo: dpa) A few years ago, the $ 1000 pill hit the headlines worldwide: The US pharmaceutical company Gilead had developed a new drug against hepatitis C. There was a great outcry from the health […]

Online consultation hours are booming in the crisis

Treatment via webcam A quarter of German practice now offers online consultation hours. (Photo: imago / Jochen Tack) Berlin In the corona crisis, telemedicine finds its way into German healthcare. According to the National Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians (KBV), 25,000 medical practices now offer video consultation hours, which is one in four practices […]

Teleclinic opens its online consultation hours for health insurance patients

Teleclinic CEO Katharina Jünger Katharina Jünger, CEO of Teleclinic. Doctor’s consultation, prescription and sick leave in minutes via app. (Photo: Teleclinic) Dusseldorf For Teleclinic CEO Katharina Jünger a long chapter is coming to an end. “For six years now, I have been fighting to ensure that health insurance patients can go to the doctor online […]

Where real estate prices will go up

7.5.2020 – Owners of apartments can count on substantial increases in value in many regions, especially in the metropolises, in southern Germany and in the northwest. In contrast, there is a risk of losses in eastern Germany. The corona crisis appears to have little impact on the real estate market. This shows a forecast that […]

The “health brigades” could collect personal data

The introduction of a new tool to collect patient data risks reigniting oppositions and slowing down procedures. As of May 11, each city doctor will have to identify, along with the contaminated patients they have treated. PASCAL ROSSIGNOL / REUTERS The countdown has started for Medicare. The Caisse Nationale has ten days to refine a […]

Where real estate is expensive and where it is cheap

7.4.2020 – The development of the purchase price of used condominiums in German regions is shown in the “Housing Atlas 2020”. The trend: prices rose in 90 percent of counties and cities. The reason given for this is that interest rates are low, while demand is high and supply is scarce. ADVERTISING Concrete gold remains […]