Iveta Vítová openly about divorce: Her husband was not at home, something

On her 39th birthday, Iveta Vítová was surprised by the sudden announcement that she was no longer forming a couple with her husband Jaroslav, just a few months after the birth of their second child. The moderator has now revealed that she can no longer forgive her husband for some things and therefore their relationship […]

Loire: he tries to commit suicide and fires shots as the train passes

This Monday, June 6, a man from the Rhône attempted to commit suicide near Regny in the Loire. He then fired several shots at a passing train. He tried to throw himself under a train near Regny in the Loire this Monday, June 6 in the early evening. The latter has delighted at the last […]

Árpád Lajtos committed suicide after losing his beloved wife, Margit Dajka

Margit Dajka got married four times, but she only really loved her last husband – Árpád Lajtos reciprocated the feelings of the actress, she loved her so much that she even followed Dajka to death. He hasn’t been with us for 36 years We have already reported on the adventurous life and outstanding acting career […]

Medicine must serve to protect lives, says Bishop

Given the recent decriminalization of “medically assisted suicide” (SMA) in Colombia, the Catholic Church is clear: “We know that medicine has been created to defend, care for, guard and protect life, and not to cause death.” Interviewed by ACI Prensa after the decision of the Constitutional Court that decriminalized medically assisted suicide, this May 12, […]

Colombia allows assisted suicide for the sick

The Constitutional Court of Colombia has authorized drug-assisted suicide for patients, under the supervision of a doctor, a first in Latin America, according to a judgment transmitted Thursday, May 13. “The doctor who helps a person in the throes of intense suffering or serious illness and who freely decides to dispose of his own life […]

200 US sailors leave an aircraft carrier after several suicides on board

NEW YORK, USA (CNN) — More than 200 sailors have left the aircraft carrier USS George Washington after several suicide deaths of its crew, including three in less than one week last April, according to the US Navy. Over the past 12 months, seven crew members have died, including four suicides, prompting the Navy to […]