Colombia allows assisted suicide for the sick

The Constitutional Court of Colombia has authorized drug-assisted suicide for patients, under the supervision of a doctor, a first in Latin America, according to a judgment transmitted Thursday, May 13. “The doctor who helps a person in the throes of intense suffering or serious illness and who freely decides to dispose of his own life […]

200 US sailors leave an aircraft carrier after several suicides on board

NEW YORK, USA (CNN) — More than 200 sailors have left the aircraft carrier USS George Washington after several suicide deaths of its crew, including three in less than one week last April, according to the US Navy. Over the past 12 months, seven crew members have died, including four suicides, prompting the Navy to […]

in his backpack an assignment with a bad grade

The 16-year-old who crashed on Monday 2 May from the balcony of her house did not make it Roma: the young woman died during the night at the polyclinic Twins, where she was hospitalized. It would be a suicide linked to problems at school: this is the hypothesis currently being examined by the police. According […]

the red bike and the Play Station

PADUA – A low-end Samsung mobile phone it’s a Play Station 4. The solution to the many mysteries related to death from Ahmed Joudier it could be hidden behind the screens of the two devices seized by the Public Prosecutor of Padua and kept in the vault of the study of the computer expert Luigi […]

stabs his partner and then throws himself off a bridge

The murder-suicide hypothesis is now practically certain: Sonia Solinas was killed by her partner, Filippo Ferrari, who then took his own life. The tragedy took place today, Tuesday 26 April, between the couple’s home in Dormelletto and the road leading to Valgrande, 50 kilometers away, where the man took his own life. Murder-suicide: woman found […]

A young Cuban commits suicide by jumping from an eighth floor in Havana

A 32-year-old Cuban man threw himself on Thursday from the eighth floor of a building in Marianao, in Havanaa fact that has been made known on social networks. The suicide occurred in the building known as “eight floors” near 114th Street, in the Marianao municipalitywhen the young man climbed to the roof and jumped from […]

Egypt.. New developments in the “Basant” suicide case because of the fabricated pictures.. and the issuance of a court ruling against one of the accused

Al-Marsad Newspaper – Agencies: An Egyptian court sentenced a minor to 5 years in prison after convicting him of violating a show and blackmailing a girl, which led to her suicide, in an incident that a few months ago sparked widespread anger in the country, according to a judicial official. Basant Khaled, a seventeen-year-old schoolgirl […]

Pál Szécsi would be 78 years old

He would have celebrated his 78th birthday on March 19th Pál Szécsi, who was only 30 years old when he ended his life with his own hands. He had several suicide attempts, but help always came in time. You could expect this on your last attempt, writes Glance. Pál Szécsi, the star of the Dance […]