Réka Rubint made an amazing gift for her daughter’s 18th birthday

Ruby Réka a true high-rise mother who thought the 18th birthday was a milestone in a girl’s life that should be celebrated worthily. That’s why the two of them traveled to Paris with Lara and organized all sorts of super-girly mother-daughter programs, including going up to the top of the Eiffel Tower, where they toasted […]

Corentin Colin tests the effects of space on our bodies

A birthday without surprises is not really a birthday. We agree ! This is why for its 20th anniversary, Futura has thought big. The editorial staff has been preparing you for months, a huge surprise. To take you there gently, Corentin Colin lends us his talent. Today, for the fourth and last episode of this […]

Corentin Colin cooks up our meals for tomorrow

A birthday should be celebrated. With a good cake and some gifts! For its 20th anniversary, Futura is banking on surprises. For the past few days, Corentin Colin has whetted your appetite. While waiting for it to be time to sit down to dinner, for the third episode of this event series, the creator of […]

“It will cost me an additional 1,300 euros”

Posted on Friday, October 1, 2021 at 11:28 a.m. Through Sudinfo The inhabitants of this street must separate from one end of their land to allow the construction of a cycle path. Problem ? They are also asked to pay the costs involved. It’s a double bad surprise for Bart Smet (51) and his neighbors […]

here are the favorite stores of Belgians… there is a big surprise!

Posted on Tuesday, August 31, 2021 at 09:52 a.m. Through muriel sparmont Friendliness of staff, cleanliness of the store, assortment, quality of items: consumers always seem more satisfied with major brands. GfK interviewed 5,000 people. The convenience store is popular! The market research and marketing audit institute GfK has just issued its summer report devoted […]