Schrödinger’s Grrrl: A Satirical Tale of Instagram, Tinder, and Literary Deception

Between Instagram, Tinder and unemployment Schrödinger’s experiment sets the tone of the novel. Because the theoretical simultaneity of different states characterizes the life of Mara Wolf, who escapes her dreary everyday life by staging herself on Instagram as “Schrödinger’s Grrrl” and on dating portals. Then Mara’s life takes an unexpected turn: she meets the PR […]

On a Tinder date with the Kunsthalle Bremen |

Status: 03/21/2023 11:00 a.m With two new web apps, the Kunsthalle Bremen is responding to modern habits – but would also like to bring art together with people who do not yet know exactly which art they actually like. by Anina Pommerenke “It really works like an online dating app,” smiles Jasmin Mickein, head of […]

The number of Tinder subscribers has increased despite the livelihood crisis

The rising cost of living has people spending less money around the world, but it seems many aren’t ready to take back their dating allowance just yet. According to the owner of Tinder, the number of paid subscriptions to the dating app increased by 7 percent globally in July-September. Match Group, which also owns dating […]

The Right Stuff: The new right-wing dating app from the US – Politics

As they say, like and like likes to join. This is true in love, but also in politics, and sometimes both at once. Sahra Wagenknecht and Oskar Lafontaine immediately come to mind, but love or at least socializing among like-minded people is of course not an exclusively (half) left-wing phenomenon. The American right-wing in particular […]

Instagram copies BeReal, these ten apps were previously the worst | Tech

24 aug 2022 om 05:32 Instagram has responded to the breakthrough of social media app BeReal by copying the function of the app. BeReal-like options are currently being tested by Instagram. Instagram’s behavior fits into a pattern where more than ten apps have already been copied. By Tim Wijkman BeReal opposes Instagram and sells itself […]