Mein Kampf was first published 95 years ago. Hitler did not want to know him later

On November 8, 1923, a meeting of representatives of the Bavarian elites was held at the Bürgerbräukeller brewery in Munich to mark the fifth anniversary of the German Revolution. The main speech was to be given by the Bavarian General Commissioner of State and former Prime Minister Gustav von Kahr. The pub was filled with […]

Volker Ullrich’s book “Eight Days in May”

Whe invented the word of the iron curtain? On May 2, 1945, Johann Ludwig Graf Schwerin von Krosigk used the expression in a radio speech in which he summoned the “heroic struggle” of the German people against the “red tide” of the storming Soviet armies. Behind their front, says Krosigk, “the work of annihilating the […]

the two lessons of 1945 to get by

ANALYSIS – On the social and economic aspect, the shock we are experiencing today has been unprecedented in seventy-five years. General MacArthur reviewing the American troops occupying Japan. The defeated country had created an exceptional levy of 10% to 90% on private capital. Rue des Archives / ŠEverett / Bridgeman images Historical comparisons easily border […]