Dynamo – Rapid B, 24 January 2023

Rewrite this content The beginning of the report is at 16:00 Kyiv time. Dynamo starting lineup: “DYNAMO”: 35. Nescheret, 2. Vyvcharenko, 4. Popov, 25. Zabarny, 94. Kendzera, 5. Sydorchuk, 19. Garmash, 22. Lonveik, 20. Karavaev, 7. Kabaev, 11. Vanat.Spare: 51. Morgun, 3. Bol, 6. Burda, 8. Shepelev, 14. Yatsyk, 18. Andrievsky, 21. Kravchenko, 30. Diallo, […]

Watch.. A Saudi young man who has been practicing the profession of “tasting and evaluating food” for 10 years reveals details of his experience from childhood

Suleiman Al-Muhaimid, a young Saudi man, has been practicing the hobby of tasting food and evaluating its flavor for 10 years. Chefs and restaurant employees interact with his facial expressions when he starts eating, hoping to pass the taste test successfully. Al-Muhaimid recently recounted to Al-Arabiya TV his beginning with this hobby, saying: “Since my […]

The reaction of an Emirati young man to an Iranian resident after he tried to insult the kingdom’s flag during the celebration of the 92nd National Day in Dubai • Al Marsad Newspaper

Al-Marsad Newspaper: A video clip documented an attempt by an Iranian resident in Dubai to insult the Kingdom’s flag during the Emirati youth’s celebration of the Kingdom’s 92nd National Day. The video showed a four-wheel drive vehicle carrying a number of Emirati youths carrying the Kingdom’s flag to celebrate the National Day, while an Iranian […]