iPhone 12 won’t include charger in box, says analyst Ming-Chi Kuo

According to a statement from the analyst MacRumors has had access to, the iPhone 12 will include neither headphones nor a power adapter in the box. Kuo has considered that the company will launch as an optional accessory for the iPhone a new 20W power adapter and later this year it will stop producing 5 […]

Is it necessary to donate insane products to food banks? | Science

In the middle of the pre-Christmas campaign, the debate on the content that food donations should have by food banks has been revived. Do people with few resources have access to healthy food? And the real question that we should all ask ourselves: is it necessary to donate unhealthy products? Eating to meet our nutritional […]

How is intelligence defined in living beings? | Science

A priori it seems that intelligence was something easy to define because everyone finds a definition, but it is really difficult to find an adequate and adjusted one and, above all, that takes into account all the variables. For example, the definition of the RAE says that it is the ability to understand or understand, […]

The ERTE mess, how many are actually affected? | Economy

It was easy. The aim was to report on three data: the total number of temporary employment regulation files (ERTE) submitted by companies to the authorities of the autonomous communities and to the Ministry of Labor itself; the total number of workers affected by these ERTEs, and how many of these employees affected by an […]

The five-star kitchen battery set you need for less than 60 euros | Showcase

Household items are the ones that suffer the most rotation throughout the year. And if we focus on the kitchen utensils, this phenomenon becomes a daily occurrence: renewing the cutlery, crockery, the containers where we store food … is an additional investment as necessary. Choosing well is an indispensable factor to amortize our purchases. But […]