Viktor Orbán: now the monkey jumps into the water

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán started Friday on Kossuth radio, giving an interview. YOU CAN LISTEN TO THE FULL INTERVIEW HERE. “The war has been going on for nine months, the idea was that the sanctions would bring the war to an end, and bring us closer to the end of the war. The events […]

Green group leader welcomes announced EU subsidy freeze for Hungary

01.12.2022 – 10:57 PHOENIX Brussels/Bonn (ots) The co-chair of the Greens/EFA group in the European Parliament, Terry Reintke, welcomed the EU Commission’s announcement that it intends to withhold 7.5 billion euros in subsidies for Hungary due to a lack of rule of law. “It’s a good day for the rule of law in the European […]

Maeva Ghennam attacks airport agents!

Maeva Ghennam big reality TV star is known for her strong character. Indeed in several programs like “the Marseillais” or “the Fifty” the young woman faced all her rivals without pity. But she does not behave like that only behind the camera but also in real life! This Thursday, November 24, the influencer is going […]

“It was shown that it was unmanageable”

The president of Evópoli and former Minister of Transport of the second government of Sebastián Piñera, Gloria Hutt, referred to the dialogue that the political parties maintain before the continuity of the constituent process. The civil engineer pointed out in CNN Chile Express News as “one of the problems” the fact that the pro-government proposal […]

“Liquidated while trying to surrender.” Romanova – about at least 40 extrajudicial executions of prisoners in the Wagner PMC and the “container” for their torture

The murder of Ryazan prisoner Yevgeny Nuzhin is not the first extrajudicial killing of people who were once recruited into the ranks of the Wagner PMC. According to Olga Romanova, founder of the Rus’ Sedentary human rights foundation, at least 40 members of a private military company were killed. Romanova claims that PMCs execute people […]