AfD politician Alice Weidel argues with TV reporter in live mode

Cologne / Berlin – The AfD chairwoman and member of the Bundestag Alice Weidel gave a controversial interview to the news broadcaster “phoenix” on Thursday as part of Olaf Scholz’s election for chancellor and had a heated argument with moderator Eduard Scherfer. “The commitment to vaccinate is a clear breach of the election promise, the […]

thunderstorms and strong gusts of wind expected

Significant disturbances are to be expected in Gironde during the night from Tuesday to Wednesday. The department is placed in yellow vigilance by Météo France for the risks of floods, thunderstorms, from 11 p.m., violent wind from midnight, and waves-submersion from 4 a.m. The prefecture of the department calls for caution. This yellow vigilance runs […]

“By increasing taxes we are indirectly doing something social”

– Your presidency marks a change of political gear at the head of the institution. What political and relationship assessment do you draw after a year and a half as president of the Bastia Agglomeration Community? – I believe very sincerely that today we have depoliticized the CAB. We have replaced the institution in its […]

Index – Culture – György Böhm: I May Have Post-Covid Syndrome

György Böhm has been one of the cornerstones of the theater profession for fifty years. His name is associated with productions such as the more than a thousand performances he has made The beauty and the Beast musical, currently on display in Germany. With the Jászai Mari and Nádasdy Kálmán Prize-winning theater director and playwright, […]

Bitcoin is not a competitor to the US dollar :: RBC.Crypto

Michael Sailor called the first cryptocurrency a global reserve asset, and expressed confidence that in the future, the coin will be the best way to protect against inflation. Microstrategy CEO Michael Sailor, in an interview with Coindesk, named the main difference between Bitcoin and the US dollar. According to Saylor, the first cryptocurrency is a […]

In the fragile world of Giorgio Poi – Patrizio Ruviglioni

01 December 2021 12:25 Foam like the soft material of the padding of the cushions. OR Foam rubber like Giorgio Poi’s third album, out on December 3rd. Because? “I wanted his songs to have a soft and light atmosphere, therefore welcoming, warm”, says on the phone the musician, who is one of the most interesting […]

No Reason To Crash podcast. What events will affect Bitcoin :: RBC.Crypto

Mikhail Karkhalev, financial analyst at cryptoexchange, on what caused the recent fluctuations in the cryptocurrency market and why bitcoin retains a chance for continued growth On the evening of November 29, the bitcoin rate on the crypto exchange approached $ 59 thousand, after which it dropped again. As of December 1, the first […]