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PLAN President Jokowi’s visit to Ukraine, which is still ravaged by war and a visit to Russia–after attending the G7 meeting in Germany, 26-28 June–is not only interesting, but important. This visit is reminiscent of President Jokowi’s visit to Afghanistan, which is also still at war on January 29, 2018. In Kyiv, the capital of […]

China Affirms Support for Russia, US Responds Cynically!

Jakarta – Chinese President Xi Jinping reassured Russian President Vladimir Putin of China’s support for Russia’s “sovereignty and security”. The United States government quickly responded cynically to China’s support. Washington warned Beijing that it risked ending up “on the wrong side of history”. China has so far refused to condemn Moscow’s massive military offensive in […]

Ignore civilian casualties!British intelligence: Russia is running out of modern missiles to sacrifice “60s antiques” | International | Newtalk News

British intelligence said Russian bombers may have fired heavy anti-ship missiles from the 1960s against Ukrainian land targets.Photo: flipping twitter During the more than three months of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, it repeatedly bombed houses and massacred civilians, causing a large number of casualties. Ukrainian soldiers and civilians still fought bravely to defend their homes. […]

Ukraine Russia Online: Merkel considers Russian invasion unjustifiable

Reports that Russia is stealing grain from Ukraine for resale are “credible.” Antony Blinken said at a conference of the US Department of Diplomacy on food security issues in connection with the war in Ukraine. “There is credible news … that Russia is plundering Ukraine’s grain exports to sell it for its own gain,” Blinken […]

Many Colleagues Died Because of This

MOSCOW, – Some Russian soldiers refuse to fight in Ukraine again because of the experiences they had on the front lines at the start of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, according to Russian lawyers and human rights activists. “I don’t want (to return to Ukraine) to kill and be killed,” Sergey, who fought five weeks […]

Dark times are coming. The first visible victims of the crisis are e-shops

The effects of the economic crisis are slowly beginning to feed into everyday life. The sharp rise in prices causes problems for e-shops, which experienced a ready-made Klondike at the time of closed stone shops. However, this is changing, according to data and responses from the market, dark times are approaching, which only the strongest […]