Setting the oil price ceiling has significantly reduced Russia’s revenues

“Contrary to widespread market skepticism about price ceilings, market participants and geopolitical analysts have now acknowledged that price ceilings are achieving their goals,” the ministry said. Due to the price ceilings set by the G7, the European Union and Australia, the revenue from oil exports this year makes up only 23% of Russia’s budget compared […]

The world expects too much from Ukraine’s counterattack

“The world’s expectations of our counterattack are too high,” Reznikov said in an interview last week. “Most people [..] waiting for something huge.” He believes that exaggerated expectations can lead to “emotional disappointment”. Specific details of the upcoming counterattack are being kept secret. President of Ukraine Volodimirs Zelenskis in another interview to “The Washington Post” […]

Ukraine shoots down Russia’s first hypersonic missile

“I congratulate the people of Ukraine on a historic event,” General Mykola Oleschuk said on the Telegram website, adding that “yes, we shot down the ‘unbeatable’ Kinzhal missile.” The Ukrainian Air Force informed that the missile was shot down by the “Patriot” anti-aircraft defense system in the sky above Kyiv on Thursday around 2:30 am. […]

NATO Will Open Office in Asia, to Mitigate Russian-Chinese Threats?

rds | CNN Indonesia Friday, 05 May 2023 18:54 WIB NATO plans to open a ‘branch office’ in an Asian country as geopolitical challenges from Russia and China continue to increase. (AFP/GABRIEL BOUYS) Jakarta, CNNIndonesia — The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (North Atlantic Treaty Organization)NATO) is reportedly planning to open a liaison […]

Propagandists call for a reckoning with domestic oppositionists

In connection with the expulsion of Carlson, the propagandists invoked the famous saying of Voltaire that I can disagree with the opinion of my opponent a hundred times, but I am ready to give my life so that he has the right to express this opinion. Such shameless hypocrisy is simply astounding given what is […]

Ukraine: The number of Russian soldiers in Belarus has decreased

“Currently there are about 2.8 thousand of them,” Demchenko said on television. According to him, 10-11 thousand Russian military personnel were in Belarus several months ago. A representative of the Ukrainian Border Guard stated that Russian soldiers take part in training at the training grounds of the Belarusian armed forces, but are then sent to […]