Cell transplantation repairs damage caused by multiple sclerosis

ABCSalud Madrid Updated:05/19/2020 17: 18h save Related news Cell transplantation repairs the damage caused by multiple sclerosis. In an animal model of multiple sclerosis, transplanted human brain cells repaired the damage and restored function. The study, published in “Cell Reports,” provides one of the final pieces of scientific evidence needed to advance this treatment strategy […]

Cell transplant restores vision in blind mice

R.I Madrid Updated:04/15/2020 17: 02h save Related news US researchers have discovered a technique that can reprogram skin cells into light-sensitive rod photoreceptors necessary for vision. Thanks to the transplantation of these laboratory photoreceptors in the eyes of blind mice, it has allowed them to perceive light. The work, funded by the The National Eye […]

Chess, disputes aboard cruises scrapped by fears of coronavirus

HANOI / BANGKOK (Reuters) – Angela Jones is on a cruise to nowhere. Passengers relax aboard the Westerdam cruise operated by Holland America, which has been denied permission to dock in Thailand for fear of coronaviruses, February 12, 2020. Maria Angus / Brochure via REUTERS For almost two weeks, the commercial consultant of the US […]

Japan’s first iPS cell heart muscle transplant

Efe Updated:01/27/2020 15: 05h save Related news Japanese researchers made this Monday the primer heart muscle tissue transplant in which they have been used induced pluripotency cells (iPS), in its search for an alternative to heart transplants. The operation was done by a team from the University of Osaka (west) led by the cardiovascular surgeon […]