P2p Credit – Page 2

The banking system in Europe is not in unison, there are differences. Most well-known p2p portals are located in the Baltic States (mainly Estonia) and some of them are suffering because of the UA war, since they have also given enough loans to Ukrainians and can no longer repay them due to the war situation. […]

Reuters: The US administration will announce steps to protect SVB customers later on Sunday

The U.S. administration will announce steps to protect Silicon Valley Bank customer deposits on Sunday, Reuters reported, citing insider sources. House Speaker Kevin McCarthy also suggested that such an announcement would be made before markets opened on Monday. The US government is expected to announce “material” decisions to support deposits from customers of the bank […]

Questions and answers about Schufa and creditworthiness

March 11, 2023 at 5:00 am A question of creditworthiness : What you should know about Schufa and creditworthiness The headquarters of the private credit agency Schufa in Wiesbaden. Photo: dpa/Andreas Arnold Berlin How banks check creditworthiness, how scoring values ​​​​are created and what power the Schufa has. Answers to the most important questions about […]

NEWS, NEWS and NEWS from Blomberg

March 9, 2023 Marco Schröder Open discussions and common goals – some of those responsible from clubs and organizations at the Blomberg Marketing club meeting (Image: Blomberg Marketing) More than 30 representatives from sports and cultural associations, village committees, home and support associations followed Blomberg Marketing’s invitation to an open exchange of information on the […]

Visuals Media Team is revolutionizing media production and marketing

(openPR) The Visuals Media Team is a young, up-and-coming agency that has specialized in media productions and marketing. The company has quickly made a name for itself in the industry and is known for its innovative approaches and creative ideas. The founders of the Visuals Media team are all graduates from renowned universities and have […]

How to have satisfied customers? These tips help streamline product delivery

Delivery on demand is the great trend that many economic sectors are facing today. Not only does the gastronomic industry have to ensure that orders are delivered in record time, we also see that retail is betting heavily on offering same-day or even minute deliveries. This is why competing in today’s market requires adopting comprehensive […]

Sparkasse Köln-Bonn – Some customers receive termination

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Comprehensive well-being, the theme of the session with business leaders

Aon plc, a global leader in professional services, held on December 11 theBike n’ Brunch.Wellness experience created by Aon and supported by Zúrich, SBS, Specialized y Porschewhich brought together more than 40 business leaders who are passionate about cycling and their commitment to comprehensive well-being. It was a shot on the Sopó, Sesquilé, Guatavita route […]