US stocks closed higher for the second day in a row

US stocks closed higher on Wednesday, November 23rd, for the second day in a row, as the Federal Reserve hinted at slowing rate hikes soon. The minutes of the last Fed meeting stated that a lower rate hike would give them an opportunity to assess the impact of past hikes. At the end of the […]

What scares Mary | The Middle East

A friend of ours was late to dinner so we were so worried we called to ask and she apologized and said it was only a matter of minutes. Then I was late again, and this time we were too shy to call. But she came back and appeared at ten, with a bouquet of […]

The new world… very | The Middle East

Late 15th century History’s most famous explorer, Christopher Columbus, was on his way to India in a fleet of three ships. He wanted to return from it with a wealth of spices and seasonings, but instead he reached an unknown land that will be known as the “New World”, or America, or the United States. […]

China is confident! Next year, the economy will come back to prosper and order to temporarily close Asia Wealth Securities I TNN Know about investing I 18-11-65

China is confident! Next year, the economy will return to prominence, order to temporarily close Asia Wealth Securities, Sen. Poison, shares MORE I TNN Know-how to invest I 18-11-65 Live: TNN Know-how to invest Friday, November 18, 2022 at 17:00-17:30 #Investment know-how #Pabjiratiti #Takthitikon Summarizes the Thai stock market situation daily after the market close, […]

Do not put your secret with Justin Canadian!

The confrontation, watched by millions, between Chinese President Xi Jinping and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau at the G20 summit opens up a philosophical value debate. The Chinese accused the Canadian of leaking the details of a private meeting that took place between them, in an exceptionally frank glimpse of Xi’s interactions with other world […]

Europe closes in the green and oil loses ground – Markets in a minute

Euribor rises to three and six months to new highs of over 13 years Euribor rates rose today to three, six and 12 months compared to Thursday, in the two shortest periods to maximums since February and January 2009, respectively. The six-month Euribor rate, the most used in Portugal for housing loans and which entered […]