the very good news from Pierre Van Damme on vaccines against covid-19

Posted on Wednesday, November 18, 2020 at 11:11 a.m. We are going forward ! Pierre Van Damme, vaccinologist at UAntwerpen is very optimistic about the arrival of vaccines against covid-19. It puts the more advanced vaccines Pfizer, Moderna and AstraZeneca-Oxford on an equal footing, which show remarkable efficacy rates as they have been tested on […]

Matthew Perry shares filming date for Friends special

Фото: Getty Images Filming for a new episode of Friends may start in March 2021 The reunion of the heroes of the popular American TV series has been postponed several times. Actor Matthew Perry said that filming a special episode of the television series Friends, which were postponed several times due to the coronavirus pandemic, […]

The NBA begins on December 22 | NBA

The start of the 2020/2021 NBA season already has half a sanction, nothing more and nothing less than the endorsement of the players. In a meeting held remotely between some representatives with the executive director of the NBPA (players guild), Michele Roberts, approved the date of December 22 as the start of the new campaign, […]

“There is something wrong with this story …” (video)

Posted on Monday, November 2, 2020 at 08:34 a.m. The presenter of TF1 Jean-Pierre Pernaut was surprised to see so many people on the roads this Monday morning … And let it be known. It is not only Belgium, which is reconfiguring itself. France is also idling this Monday morning or, at least, should idle. […]

Architecture and travel: concrete weekend in Le Havre

Often misunderstood, Le Havre has dragged its reputation as an ugly city since its post-war reconstruction. To avoid this pitfall, the best solution is to put yourself back in the context of the time and to visit, upon arrival, the model apartment of Auguste Perret. The architect in charge of making Le Havre its splendor […]

When cirrhosis of the liver becomes fatal

news International research association determines three forms of “acute decompensated liver cirrhosis” by Adolf Albus (27.08.2020) If the body can no longer compensate for the gradual failure of the liver as a result of liver cirrhosis, there is a risk of acute decompensation of the liver cirrhosis. In some patients, this quickly develops into an […]

Discover the best physical exercise to have a heart attack buttocks

Staying active is decisive when we want to feel healthy and strong, physical exercise is one of the most important pillars when it comes to achieving a healthy lifestyle because it helps us on many levels. Although there are some that are visible to the naked eye, such as toning our body and helping us […]