Who drew the wrong point? Li Keqiang is worried about the economy and calls for “stabilizing employment”, but Xi Jinping only cares about “clearing” | China’s new head shell Newtalk

The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) reported that Premier Li Keqiang, China’s second-largest political leader, has been marginalized by President Xi Jinping for years, “but now, Li Keqiang is re-energizing with his own influence to become China’s second-largest political leader. A potential check and balance force that the top government has not seen in nearly a […]

Passports and green cards are all snapped! The CCP’s epidemic prevention and control strictly control the entry and exit airports on the spot

The National Immigration Administration of China strictly and rigorously examines people’s entry and exit. The picture shows the departure hall of Terminal 1 of Beijing Capital International Airport.Figure: Retrieved from Wikipedia After Chinese President Xi Jinping ordered “dynamic clearing”, China’s National Immigration Administration emphasized on the 10th that it is necessary to strictly implement strict […]

Learn about Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, China exercises combat near Taiwan

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Armed Forces China launching combat drills near Taiwan on Friday last week. Beijing said the drills were conducted to improve coordination of joint combat operations. China’s People’s Liberation Army Eastern Theater Command said its naval and air force assets held the combat drills in the east and southwest of Taiwan. “This […]

Biontech feels China’s pride

WWhen the Chinese hear about Biontech, it’s usually nothing good. At the end of April, the short news channel Weibo reported that the German vaccine triggered hepatitis. That’s not true. The cited studies on the fact that some children with hepatitis had previously been vaccinated against Covid do not claim that there is a causal […]

Comrade Xi Jinping Sakti, Coal Drops 7 Days in a row!

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Coal prices have not stopped undergoing a correction trend. In fact, the price of the black stone has fallen for seven days in a row. Yesterday, the price of coal on the ICE Newcastle (Australia) market closed at US$ 295.2/ton. Decreased by 1.37% compared to the position of closing trading last […]

Xi Jinping rules out relaxing covid-19 health measures in China

Reuters and EFE China / 13.04.2022 08:05:13 China should not relax control and prevention measures covid-19, said the president of that country, Xi Jinpingduring a visit to the southern island of Hainan today, state radio reported, while harsh restrictions have been applied in some areas of the Asian territory, such as Shanghai, after massive reports […]