Fortnite Battle Royale: Leaked Week 13 Challenges and Rewards

As usual, Fortnite Battle Royale presents us new weekly challenges with Season 4: War on the Nexus. To open your mouth to face the thirteenth week, we are going to show you, how we usually do, the Leaked Challenges from Week 13, Xtravaganza Week 3. The challenges, as always, have been leaked by Dataminers Lucas7yoshi, […]

“Hall-Silva” through the scales, ready to fight UFC FIGHT NIGHT

UFC FIGHT NIGHT: HALL vs. After having problems losing weight The movement of the UFC FIGHT NIGHT: HALL vs. SILVA, the show’s main fighters are Yurih Hall and Anderson Silva, two of the top middleweight fighters. Through both scales The Vice-majors Bryce Mitchell and Andre Fili are ready for battle in the featherweight version. The […]

Videogames: Fortnite | Epic Games is preparing a party for their Battle Royale

Updated 05/12/2019 at 3:53 PM Epic Games will celebrate its first Fortnite Summer Block Party next month, and tickets are now available for pre-registration, he announced on Friday. Summer Block Party It is an event that will take place on June 15 and 16, in the city of Inglewood, in California, United States. The event […]

A sensational discovery near Grunwald

The axes were found by Alexander Medvedev, a member of the search team who has been participating in the research for seven years. He told RMF FM journalists about his find. – In the swampy area, at a depth of about 80 centimeters, several meters apart, there were two battle axes. These are hatchets with […]

Vladimír Polívka: He spoke about a brutal assault

“I was not – as they say – drunk. I had some of that beer, but I was definitely not in a state where I wouldn’t perceive the world, “he told the daily Aha! actor at the Prima TV party. “The influence of alcohol was not the main factor, I did not fall by myself. […]

Frequent Clashes, These Are the Causes of the Azerbaijan-Armenia Conflict Page all

BAKU, – The military of Azerbaijan and Armenia exchanged fire in Karabakh, the border between the two countries since Sunday (07/12/2020). At least 16 soldiers from both sides have been killed and dozens more injured as a result of the incident. The incident was referred to as the second worst incident of the country […]