Long Covid, three doses of vaccine protect regardless of variant: the study

7/10 ©Ansa The results show that the unvaccinated (no vaccines were available in 2020) are the most exposed to Long Covid (41.8%), compared to 16% of those who were vaccinated with three doses. From March 2020 to April 2022, the research “photographed” the state of immune system of the hospital population during the succession of […]

Snake Island, Russian forces retreat: the epic of a strategic outpost

8/8 ©Ansa Commander of the Ukrainian Armed Forces Valery Zaluzhny, on the afternoon of July 1, reported that Russian Su-30 fighter jets launched phosphorus bombs prohibited on Snake Island, from which Moscow’s forces had withdrawn. “The leadership of the armed forces of the Russian Federation does not even respect their own statements,” he said. “The […]

Covid: vaccines, masks and antivirals to save summer 2022

9/10 © IPA / Photogram Respect for other rules is also recommended. “Those in good health, for example, do not take risks but just try to understand how much Covid impacts on their work. Those who deal with a fragilecommit to protect that person with the correct behaviors, for example wearing the mask indoors. Now […]

Five Sails Legambiente-Touring 2022, 45 locations awarded: Sardinia in the lead. PHOTO

14/14 © IPA / Photogram In addition to the state of the waters, the seabed and the beaches “, various other indicators of environmental quality and tourist accommodation contribute to the judgment, from the integrity of the landscape to the efficiency in the management of wastefrom the weight of energy consumption to the standards of […]

Covid, brain disease risk 2-4 times greater: from Alzheimer’s to stroke. I study

5/8 ©Ansa The researchers found that out of 919,731 people who took the Covid-19 test as part of the study, the 43,375 people who tested positive had a 3.5 times greater risk of being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease2.6 times greater than Parkinson’s disease, 2.7 times greater than ischemic stroke and 4.8 times greater than intracerebral […]

Lottery of receipts with instant drawing: the novelty in an amendment of the Pnrr

8/10 © IPA / Photogram Prizes and announcements of winnings have not yet been decided: for that reason, the provisions of the Customs agency and monopolies, in agreement with theRevenue Agencywhere “all the technical modalities of all the receipt lotteriesboth snapshots and deferred “and the”mining operationsthe entity and number of prizes made available “, as […]

Adapted physical activity bonus 2022: what it is, who it is and what the rules are

Many regions have developed non-medical exercise programs to help patients with a variety of chronic conditions perform motor exercises. A tax credit is received from the Revenue Agency for expenses incurred from 1 January to 31 December 2022 for these activities, to be used in the tax return. It will be a provision of the […]