found majority American Heart of Poland in Europe

The San Donato group, in collaboration with Gksd, has acquired the majority of American Heart of Poland, the leading independent provider of cardiovascular care in Europe, as well as one of the top three private healthcare providers in Poland. The agreement, reads a note, “will give rise to excellence in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases […]

“You have disappointed.” Damiano dei Maneskin defends it

I Coldplay they are enchanting the Italians with their concerts. A pure show: thousands of confetti, in the shape of a star or a butterfly. At San Siro, before Chris Martin and his companions, Mara Sattei performed, who was able to take advantage of the incredible stage of the English band. In the last few […]

symptoms, diagnosis, therapy and survival

“I had cancer and, after passing this test, I learned not to be afraid of anything,” the former prime minister repeated several times. Silvio Berlusconi, who passed away this morning at the age of 86, looking back on his previous experience as a prostate cancer patient. The year was 1997. It had been problems that […]

Carlos Milano stars in the dream season of Universidad de Concepción in Chile

Carlos Milano (with the ball) is an element of the undefeated Universidad de Concepción / Photo: LNB Chile Press With Venezuelan center Carlos Milano at the helm, Universidad de Concepción crushed Tinguiririca de San Fernando 114-87 and extended its undefeated record to 15 in the Chilean National Basketball League (LNB Chile). El Campanil closed the […]

R18 B Heavy Duty is the new custom Bmw signed by Kodlin – Two Wheels

<!– Stampa Scrivi alla redazione Condividi Suggerisci –> The new custom arrived at BMW Motorrad and based on the R18 B is signed by Fred Kodlin. The American tuner who has been dedicating himself to motorcycle customization with specific research on design for over forty years. For the first time, Kodlin started customizing a BMW […]

Parkinson’s and tremor, is treated with focused ultrasound. Here’s how it works and the video of the treatment performed in Palermo

It can be cured tremor what do people with Parkinson’s disease have? There is an innovative path called MRgFUSacronym of MR-guided Focused Ultra-Sound which translates into Italian into focused ultrasound under the guidance of magnetic resonance. It’s about a lesional procedure indicated for the treatment of essential tremor and selected cases of parkinsonian tremor resistant […]

the parade and all the info

After two years of hiatus due to covid, the much appreciated parade for the Chinese New Year is back in Milan. Sunday 22 January the appointment for this new edition is no longer in via Paolo Sarpi, where the event was held in previous years, but at the Arco della Pace. The parade, beloved by […]

Milan in the heart of tourists: Venice beats

57.3% more tourists in Italy between Christmas and the Epiphany, compared to 2021. And Milan is on the podium of the cities of art, even beating Venice. According to a study by Enit (National Tourism Agency) on Fordwardkeys data. Between 19 December 2022 and 8 January 2023 – says the survey – there were 274,000 […]