What would happen to the Health Promotion Entities if the reform is approved

As part of the health reform filed in February by the president of Colombia, Gustavo Petro, together with the minister, Carolina Corcho, before Congress, stipulated the transformation of the role played by the Health Provider Entities, the creation of Primary Care (CAP) and the transfer of members of the EPS in the process of liquidation, […]

This is the good, bad and ugly of the government’s health reform project

After almost three months of filing the first structural reform of the Gustavo Petro administrationthe health reform The panorama still shows some unknowns regarding its first debate in Congress, although the political parties and the Government are close to agreeing on the presentation of the articles. Despite the withdrawal of the Liberal Partythere is already […]

digital sabbatical

Is it one of those who constantly talks to ChatGPT? Do you get distracted by turning pages on Instagram, LinkedIn or fighting with someone on Twitter? Or looking on Facebook or Snapchat what the “friends” you never talk to are doing? You are not the only one and maybe what you need is a detox. […]

Towards times of de-dollarization

Brazil and Argentina announced their intention to create a common currency, the “South”, which they intend to extend throughout Latin America with the apparent interest of promoting trade and cooperation, although in reality what is meant is the desire to reduce their current dependence on the US dollar with sovereignist speeches to specify the possibility […]

Bank of America signed agreement to sponsor the Boston Marathon for 10 years

Bank of America signed a decade-long deal to become title sponsor of the Boston Marathon, one of the world’s oldest annual running events. Starting in 2024, the race will be called “the Boston Marathon presented by Bank of America,” the Boston Athletic Association announced Monday. This year’s event, the 127, will continue to be sponsored […]

Bogotá’s economy grew 9.9% in 2022, driven by commerce and entertainment

The economy of Bogotá grew 9.9% per year in 2022, above the national GDPwhich was 7.5% last year, according to information from Dane. The activity that contributed the most to the dynamics of added value in the capital of the country it was the wholesale and retail trade; repair of motor vehicles and motorcycles; transportation […]

Vietnam-Malaysia labor cooperation develops continuously and substantively

Malaysia is an easy market for Vietnamese workers. (Artwork: PV/Vietnam+) Thai Phuc Thanh, head of the Labor Management Department and Vietnamese expert in Malaysia, said that the cooperation relationship in the labor field between Vietnam and Malaysia develops continuously and substantively. Since 2003, the two governments have signed the first cooperation agreement on bringing Vietnamese […]

Business between Microsoft and Activision receives support from UK regulators

Microsoft Corp.’s chances of winning antitrust approval for its $69 billion acquisition of Activision Blizzard Inc. increased after UK regulators narrowed the scope of their investigation to focus solely on cloud gaming. The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) said it changed its mind after weighing “a significant amount” of new evidence that Microsoft is unlikely […]

Of the more than 16 million current credit cards, there are some 414,194 canceled

In Colombia there are more than 16 million credit cards in force at the end of 2022, and 414,194 cancelled, according to figures from the Financial Superintendencya fairly small total considering that the rate hike caused many people to stop using them. Among the entities that lead the list with the highest number of canceled […]