“Avianca still interests us and we are talking to our investors”

The former president of the Avianca board of directors, Germán Efromovich, acknowledged that he is studying his options to acquire Aliitalia Salomon Asmar Soto – sasmar@larepublica.com.co Germán Efromovich, former president of the Avianca Board of Directors and president of Synergy Group, confirmed in an interview with La FM that he is part of a body […]

Guillotine installed near Jeff Bezos’ house in demand for better working conditions

The images went viral on social networks and were repudiated by several users who claimed that it was not a demonstration but a death threat. guillotine.mp4 The protest was in demand of better working conditions for Amazon workers RT Last June, three employees of an Amazon warehouse sued Jeff Bezos’ company after claiming to have […]

Cencosud Rearma includes business adjustments and structures in all formats

The closure of the Paris division in Peru, which contributed less than 1% of the group’s income, would be the start of several changes Diario Financiero – Santiago Cencosud has managed to cope with the pandemic. The company’s shares, which fell 20% last year, this 2020 accumulate an increase of more than 24%. Its focus […]

The cares to take during your exercise at home with the consumption of proteins

Poorly administered beverages and supplements can cause serious health problems. These should only be consumed if there is great physical wear Margarita Coneo Rincón – mconeo@larepublica.com.co “The human body is made up of thousands of proteins with essential functions for the survival of the organism, such as the growth and normal function of cells and […]

Beware of Burnout Syndrome, a work overload disease | Economy

Due to prolonged isolation or long hours of work at home, which many people must perform, Burnout Syndrome or “burned worker” can be registered. (Are you overworked?). This sickness It is associated with the overload of content that a person receives at work, and that leads to physical and emotional burnout. (High workload can affect […]

Bancolombia will support the operators winning the spectrum auction

The entity issued guarantees for more than $ 3 billion, which represent 43% of the total required by the MinTIC to award the permit. Heidy Monterrosa – hmonterrosa@larepublica.com.co Bancolombia announced that it will support telecommunications operators that won the spectrum auction to bring more broadband internet to different parts of the country. The entity issued […]

Bbva, Citi and Itaú change their bankers in the local market during the semester

The Brazilian bank announced yesterday that Álvaro Pimentel will be in charge of the entity in Colombia until next November 1 Heidy Monterrosa – hmonterrosa@larepublica.com.co In the first half of the year, several reorganization moves were announced among the country’s bankers. Of the 10 banks that the Financial Superintendence classifies as foreign, Bbva, Citi and […]

Bancolombia and Nutresa lead Merco Talent, as they are the most attractive to work for

This year’s results also saw the entry, for the first time, of the Cardio Infantil Foundation, Comfama, Keralty, Mercado Libre and Netflix to the top 100 Laura Neira Marciales – lneira@larepublica.com.co Organizational culture is one of the most important and differential factors when looking for and retaining talent in companies. This leads to the creation […]

Oil registers the best quarter since 1990 after historical price drop

New York futures rose 92% in the three months through June 30 after the worst quarter on record crude Oil posted its best quarter in nearly 30 years, recovering from this year’s historic price drop. Futures in New York rose 92% in the three months through June 30 after the worst quarter on record crude, […]

Scotiabank Colpatria issued subordinated bonds for $ 224.7 billion

The bank explained that the money will be used to expand the sources of resources available for the development of credit operations. Scotiabank Colpatria Announced that, through a private offer, it made an issue of subordinated bonds for $ 224.7 billion over a 10-year term, an amount that reinforces the bank’s capital structure. The company […]